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Mission / Description

The goals of the Women's Health Research Group (WHRG) are:

  • to provide an intellectual community for the study of women's health,
  • to create a forum for investigators from across the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus to present their findings and current research efforts, and
  • to establish a center that fosters collaborative research among investigators in diverse fields.

Women's health research is defined as inquiring into conditions unique to women; conditions having critically differential impact on women compared with men; conditions for which gender differences or similarities are not yet well understood; and other issues of concern to the health of women.

Members of the group conduct research on pressing women's health issues including menopause, hip fracture, breast cancer, osteoporosis, hormone replacement therapy, uterine fibroids, hysterectomy, caregiving, ovarian functioning, genetics, environmental toxins, health promotions, nutrition, and mental health.

WHRG programs include sponsorship of conferences and seminars; pre- and postdoctoral fellowships; core facilities and support services to enhance the funding opportunities for women's health scientists; and development of multi-disciplinary research projects on women's health.

WHRG is based in the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Located on the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus, this multi-disciplinary group examines women's health concerns from the perspectives of medicine, law, pharmacy, nursing, dentistry and social work.