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Purchasing Procedures & Animal Ordering

All requests for research animals to be delivered to the School of Medicine or School of Pharmacy must be placed through Veterinary Resources. This arrangement is necessary, in part, to assure that the proper housing is available and to assist investigators in obtaining healthy animals at reasonable costs from safe, dependable sources. All arrangements for the acquisition, transportation and receipt of animals are handled by Veterinary Resources (even if animals are no cost).

Veterinary Resources will provide purchase and animal care cost estimates.

All animal-based research requires prior approval by the relevant Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC). To assure this, all investigators will provide a current protocol number to Veterinary Resources at the time an order is placed. Investigators must make sure that the protocol number used is correct for the procedure and species to be used.

Animal Request Forms may be obtained from the administrative offices in MSTF, Room G-100.

The procedure for ordering animals has been developed with the University's Division of Procurement and Supply to minimize delay and paperwork for investigators.

Animal orders will be placed in the following manner:

  1. An Animal Request form will be completed by the investigator and forwarded to Veterinary Resources. Be sure to have complete information on type, source and numbers of animals, as well as the number of the protocol approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee. Also, be sure to complete the required USDA information.
  2. A eUMB financial account number and an authorized signature are required before an order can be placed.
  3. Orders may be faxed, hand delivered or sent through campus mail.

Telephone orders are NOT accepted.

Purchase requests must be received by Veterinary Resources by noon on the Thursday prior to the week delivery is desired to ensure the vendor can supply the number and type of animals requested, and to ensure that Veterinary Resources has the proper housing available.

An additional order fee will be charged for orders received after 12:00 noon if delivery is desired for the following week.

Federal Law (Animal Welfare Act) requires the University to annually report the numbers of animals used in research according to the following categories:  

  • Number of animals to be used involving no pain or distress
  • Number of animals to be used with appropriate anesthetic, analgesic or tranquilizer administered to avoid pain or distress
  • Number of animals to be used involving pain or distress without the administration of anesthesia, analgesics or tranquilizers (requires specific justification and approval)

Please be accurate in the reporting of these numbers on the Animal Request Form.

The animal suppliers will be telephoned by Veterinary Resources and arrangements will be made for delivery. Any unusual problems with orders will be transmitted back to the investigator. Investigators will be billed a nominal fee to offset the cost of long-distance phone calls and the facsimile machine for each order placed.

The Animal Request Form used by Veterinary Resources consists of four copies. Keep the pink copy for your records and return the other copies to Veterinary Resources.

The animals are delivered to the facility designated on the request form. Housing for the animals is assigned after the animals have been checked for accuracy of species and type and examined to ensure they are in good condition. Animals arriving without a Veterinary Resources purchase order number will not be accepted or allowed to enter the facility.

The majority of animals ordered by investigators are housed where the investigator requests and are received when requested. Unless you are contacted by Veterinary Resources, you may assume your animals have arrived and are being housed. The simplest way for an investigator to determine whether the animals have arrived is to visit the appropriate facility.

Investigators are encouraged to use the comments section of the animal purchase request form to provide any pertinent information. This is especially helpful when ordering pregnant animals or litters, or for animals with special requirements prior to delivery.

It is to an investigator's advantage to allow as much time as possible for vendors to supply an order. Veterinary Resources will make every effort to comply with the requests of investigators but cannot be responsible for "last minute" orders that vendors are unable to supply.