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Procedures to place a request for importation of animals other than from “UMB Veterinary Resources Approved Vendors”, are to occur as follows:

  1. Please complete the Animal Import Form and send to Ms. Chloe (or her designee indicated on out of office responses).
  2. Ms. Jenkins (or her designee) will contact the indicated institutions Export Offices to request required health or sentinel monitoring records for veterinary review.
  3. Once requested records are received, they will be emailed to the UMB importation veterinarian for review.
  4. Based on veterinary review, the request with either be: approved, denied or we will send a request for supplemental testing and results for additional secondary veterinary review (and final approval or denial).
  5. If approved, Ms. Jenkins (or her designee) will then contact the exporting institution’s export officers/veterinarian, to make arrangements for importation.
  6. On arrival animals will enter the Veterinary Resources quarantine room and samples are taken in approximately 3 weeks for test submission. Total time spent in quarantine is usually 4-5 weeks. Upon post approval of those results, animal may be released for PI utilization.
    • Note: Per diems are charged to the Investigator’s account while in quarantine. Investigators will also be billed for VR time spent collecting samples and the cost of the testing. 
    • Please also review the current animal import fees

Procedures to place a request for exportation of animals are to occur as follows:

  1. Please complete the Animal Export Form and send to (or her designee indicated on out of office responses).
  2. Label cages intended for export with Red Export Cards. Ms. Jenkins can provide these cards upon request.
  3. Diagnostic testing results from the previous year are obtained and sent to the receiving institution. 
    • Note: the turnaround for diagnostic results is 2-3 weeks.
  4. The institution will either accept, deny, or request additional testing (if applicable).
  5. If additional testing is required, the PI must supply payment for the service. Once payment is secured, the VR diagnostic lab manager collects the samples and sends results once available.
  6. Once animals are approved to ship, Ms. Jenkins will arrange a date for pick-up and will prepare the animals as needed on the scheduled date.