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Animal Housing

All research animals (mammal, amphibian, fish, etc.) are to be housed withing our facilities unless approved otherwise.

The following areas are used for the housing of research animals:

  • Bressler Research Building (BRB)
  • Health Sciences Research Facility I (HSRF-I)
  • Health Sciences Research Facility II (HSRF-II)
  • Health Sciences Research Facility III (HSRF-III)
  • Howard Hall (HH)
  • Medical School Teaching Facility (MSTF)
  • School of Dentistry
  • School of Nursing
  • School of Pharmacy
  • UMB Bio-Park I & II

Satellite Facilities:

  • Baltimore Veterans Affairs Medical Center
  • Institute of Marine and Environmental Technology (IMET)
  • Maryland Psychiatric Research Center (MPRC)

Accessing Animal Facilities on UMB Campus

If your research duties require that you have access to one of the animal facilities, please email with:

  • A request outlining which animal facility you need access to and why.
  • A photo of both sides of the I.D. must be included
  • Department, Center, Program or Institution Chair/Director should be copied as should Faculty Mentor if applicable.


  • You many never allow someone else to use your ID to enter an animal facility.
  • Unauthorized persons (including co-workers, visitors, friends and children) are not permitted in the facilities without the approval of Veterinary Resources.
  • Veterinary Resources veterinary staff and professional colleagues, such as site visitors accompanying the veterinary staff, have unrestricted access to all areas of the campus where animals are held.