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Animal Facility Access


If your research duties require that you have access to one of the animal facilities, please complete both facility access and key authorization forms below. The forms must be printed and signed, and then sent to Please follow the Instructions for obtaining facility access to complete the steps properly. Directions can also be found below:

  1. Fill out the VR Facility Access Form (fillable) 
    • Complete all steps on the form including facility tour signatures
    • The One Card Proxy Number is located on the bottom right on the back of the card (#6)
    • Ensure that your PI signs the form for approval (#8)
    • Send a complete AUP personnel approval amendment to (#9)
    • Complete required online training (LAERAP, OHSP, EHS) listed on the bottom of the form
  2. Fill out the VR Key Receipt Authorization form (fillable)
  3. Request a facility tour below. Check your protocol for approved building(s) (see section VII. LOCATION OF ANIMAL USAGE). You will not get access to a building that has not been approved on the protocol. (Only one PI name per Facility Access form)
    Facility Tour Request
  4. Bring the two forms to the facility tour or send the completed forms signed in advance by the PI to the facility manager when your facility tour is scheduled
  5. Ask the tour guide to sign the Facility Access form and provide the necessary key information for the Key Receipt Authorization form. If all forms are complete including PI signature and training dates, the manager/supervisor can issue keys and signs the forms.
  6. Once complete, scan and email both forms to
    • If there is still information that needs to be completed after the facility tour, the tour guide will provide the key information for the forms and ask the requestor to finish completing the forms. The requestor can then scan and email the forms to
    • When the completed documentation is received, the corresponding manager is notified that keys can be issued.  Make arrangements to pick up the keys by contacting the manager/supervisor directly.


  • All research animals covered by PHS Policy are housed within our animal facilities unless otherwise approved by the IACUC

  • You may never share your UMB ID One Card to allow another person facility access. This may cause your access to be revoked.

  • Escorting visitors (anyone who doesn’t already have facility access) requires approval from a Veterinary Resource veterinarian or the business program manager.