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Facility Updates

MSTF Facility Renovations:

July 2023: There was a significant amount of work that occurred to prepare MSTF for Phase 1. We would like to send a shout out to each of the employees that are assigned to MSTF. Phase 1 is underway. They are beginning to remove lights from the ceilings and the demolition of all of the ceilings are supposed to begin this weekend, July 14th, 2023. We are expecting anywhere between 8 weeks to 6 months for the first phase to be completed.  Milestone updates will be posted as often as they come!

September 2023:  As of September 19th, renovations are underway in the front half of the south corridor. Please be advised that this area is temporarily closed while under construction. The removal of lights and demolition of the ceilings is almost complete. With frequent communication between the renovation team and VR management, Phase 1 is now set to be complete around Thanksgiving. Once it is complete, Phase 2 will be initiated.