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Year in Review: 2013

As we pursue new research opportunities to advance surgical treatments, the Department of Surgery continues to rank among the highest in the country for National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding. Notable funded projects include:

  • A study funded by the NIH and headed by Dr. Bartley Griffith, Thomas E. and Alice Marie Hales Distinguished Professorship in Transplant Surgery, to develop the first in-human use of an artificial lung for ambulatory respiratory support
  • Two studies funded by the Department of Defense and led by Dr. Stephen Bartlett, Peter Angelos Distinguished Professorship in Surgery and Chair, and Dr. Rolf Barth, associate professor of surgery, to use vascularized composite allografts in full face transplants
  • A project funded by the NIH and headed by Dr. Brajesh Lal, professor of surgery, to develop a Vascular Imaging Core Facility for the treatment and management of carotid artery stenosis using state of the art imaging technology
  • A multi-year, multi-million dollar corporate gift in support of Dr. Richard Pierson’s work in the field of xeno-transplantation and graft immunotolerance. Dr. Pierson is the Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs; Interim Director for Research Affairs; Director, Surgical Care Clinical Center, Veteran’s Administration Medical Center

The University of Maryland Medical Center kidney transplant program continues to be a model program and has the second highest volume program in the country. A new Integrated Cardiothoracic Surgical Residency Training Program provides total immersion into the diagnosis and management of all aspects of cardiovascular and thoracic diseases through six years of multi-disciplinary training.

This year the department received $1.7 million in private charitable contributions from nearly 200 donors. We are truly grateful for the philanthropic support provided through the generosity of our patients and friends.