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2012 AAPM Abstracts

  1. B Yi, X Yang, Y Niu, C Yu, “4D Dynamic Arc of Non-Modulated Variable-Dose-Rate Fields for Lung SBRT: A Feasibility Study”
  2. X Yang, A Reese, Y Mutaf, B Yi, “Compensation of Target Distortion of Pancreatic Tumor in Free-Breathing CT Using 4D Contour Propagation”
  3. E Kinsey, M Guerrero, K Prado, B Yi, “Are the Calculation Methods for Determining Tissue-Maximum Ratios From Percent Depth Dose Valid for Flattening Filter-Free Photon Beams?”
  4. E Kinsey, X Yang, K Prado, S Feigenberg, B Yi, “Delivery Efficiency of StereoArc Stereotactic Body Radiotherapy (SBRT)”
  5. H Chung, B Yi, K Prado, “Is BJR Supplement #25 Recommendation for Megavoltage Energy Independent Scatter Factor Still Valid for Flattening Filter Free Photon Beams?”
  6. G Betzel, B Yi, C Yu, “Is Rotational IMRT More Susceptible to Tumor Motion Than Dynamic IMRT?”
  7. Y Mutaf, C Yu, J Zhang, B Yi, K Prado, W D'Souza, W Regine1, S Feigenberg, “Dosimetric and Geometric Evaluation of a Novel Stereotactic Radiotherapy Device for Breast Cancer: The GammaPod”
  8. I Yeo, J Jung, B Yi, B Patyal, “Comprehensive Evaluation of EPID Image Acquisition for Integrating and Temporal Dosimetry of Fixed-Gantry IMRT and ArcIMRT”
  9. M Xue*, W D'Souza, G Lasio, P Klahr, W Lu. "4D-CT Simulation using Individually Optimized Contrast Enhancement (CE): A Phantom Study".
  10. T Diwanji*, S Feigenberg, W D'Souza, N Mistry Dynamic Contrast Enhanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging (DCE-MRI) for High-Resolution Lung Perfusion Evaluation in Pulmonary Neoplasms Prior to Radiotherapy
  11. T Diwanji*, S Feigenberg, W D'Souza, N Mistry Validation of 4D Computed Tomography (4D-CT) to Evaluate Fractional Regional Ventilation Against the Clinical Gold-Standard Scintigraphy V/Q
  12. N Mistry*, S Pokharel, T Diwanji, S Feigenberg, W D'Souza Breathing Maneuvers Result in Regional Changes in Ventilation as Assessed by 4D-CT
  13. K Malinowski, T Diwanji, T McAvoy, W D'Souza. Understanding the Performance of Control Limit-Based Monitoring of Respiratory Surrogate Tumor Motion Models