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Administrative Information

Many details of the training program are covered in the official “Resident Handbook” and in the University of Maryland Graduate Medical Education policies. Please visit the University of Maryland Graduate Medical Education for information on policies, as well as salary and benefits.

Duty Hours

The ACGME has specific duty hours requirements. Residents in Radiation Oncology should be able to work well within these limits. If there are any weeks that surpass the 80-hour work limit, you must notify the Program Director immediately. Work hours are to be submitted on monthly time sheets, as well. All activities relating to patient care and education, including moonlighting, apply towards duty hours. Our departmental policy regarding work hours is included in the resident training handbook.


There are 15 workdays plus Federal holidays of paid vacation. Our departmental policy is that the Chief Resident and the Attending for whose service you will be responsible at the time of the vacation must first approve time away. No more than four residents can be out of the clinic at any time (this includes residents who are out of the clinic on electives). Approved conference days will not be counted towards your 15 annual days of vacation. 


The University of Maryland Health Sciences and Human Services Library (UMHSHSL) is available for resident use. There is also a resident library that maintains an extensive collection of journals and books.

Each resident is provided with their own workstation and computer for use during their four-year residency training. Each computer has access to the internet/intranet service and is loaded with various software packages.

Medical Students

We often have third- or fourth-year medical students from the University of Maryland and other medical schools in the clinic for rotations.

Students can be involved in all aspects of patient evaluation and treatment planning. See more information about setting up a medical student rotation

Scholarship Opportunities for Medical Students

The Department of Radiation Oncology, via an Endowment Fund for Academic Excellence in Radiation Oncology, has several scholarship opportunities to be awarded to medical students who attend the University of Maryland School of Medicine. The student must demonstrate a strong interest in Radiation Oncology. The scholarship awards for this program are worth up to $2,500. Students who are interested in applying for a scholarship should visit the Office of Student Research for more information.