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Our faculty are involved in clinical initiatives, multiple collaborative programs, and research. They frequently testify to legislators in Annapolis about Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), drug overdose and naloxone availability, as well as needle/syringe exchange and safe consumption spaces. Our participation on committees and state and national task forces addressing OUD, influences the development of responsive policies addressing the opioid epidemic in Maryland and beyond.

Eric Weintraub, MD
Eric Weintraub, MD
Division Head

Christopher Welsh, MD

Aaron Greenblatt, MD
Aaron D. Greenblatt, MD

Joy Chang, MD‌Joy H. Chang, MD

Thompson_DonaldDonald L. Thompson, MD‌

David McDuff, MD‌

Devang H. Gandhi, MDDevang H. Gandhi, MD‌

Program Managers

Mike Papa, Program Manager, Outpatient Addiction Services (OATS) and CL 

Renee Lewis, Program Manager, Substance Abuse Rehab Services 1001 West Pratt Street