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General Processes

Adobe Acrobat
Need to set up Adobe Acrobat as your default PDF viewer? Click here for instructions.

Favorites and Bookmarks

Exporting and Importing Google Chrome Favorites and Bookmarks
Google Chrome offers the feature of signing into Chrome with your Google account. This enables users to log in with an email address that will save users' data and preferences, such as bookmarks, across different devices and computers. This is recommended to eliminate the need for backing up and restoring favorites after a reimage. Full information and documentation can be found here

Exporting and Importing Internet Explorer Favorites and Bookmarks

Exporting and Importing Mozilla Firefox Favorites
Mozilla Firefox supports Sync, and full information and documentation can be found here.


Click here for intructions on setting up a default printer in Windows 10.

UMB REDCap data sits behind SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) on campus and is managed by the Clinical and Translational Research Informatics Center (CTRIC). To create and manage a data project in REDCap, you will need permission to access the REDCap-SOM VPN group. Respondents to REDCap surveys do not need a REDCap account. 

Click here for info on requesting access, logging in, and using the platform. 

Password Management
Instructions for registering for password management can be found here.