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COVID19 Information

COVID-19 Hotlines

UMMC employees, physicians, staff; UMB essential on-campus employees; and FPI faculty and staff experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19
Call (410) 328-2793

UMMC employees, physicians, staff; UMB essential on-campus employees; FPI faculty and staff; and students with exposure or other COVID-19 issues
Call (800) 701-9863

Community Questions
Call (888) 713-0711

For the full flier, click below: 
COVID-19 Hotlines


Employee Assistance Program and Human Resources

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
(667) 214-1555

Human Resources
(410) 706-2606

UMaryland Immediate Care
(667) 214-1899

For the full HR-EAP flier, click here

Health Screening Centers

Health Screening Centers for Employees and Medical Staff 
(410) 328-2793 (hotline available 24/7)

Health Screening Centers open 7 days/week, 7 am-7 pm
By appointment only via hotline
For employees, corporate employees, physicians, and FPI

Details can be found on the Insider

Stress Management

Stress Management Tips by Stephanie Knight, MD, FAPA

UMMC Local Resources/Tips

  • Snack carts available for a unit (6:30 am-8 pm) from the cafeteria during busy shifts
  • Resiliency rooms will be set up on campus for breaks - stay tuned for official locations
  • Virtual Tea Time with Pastoral Care (Zoom link available on UMMC Insider - Every Tuesday & Thursday at 2 am & 2 pm
    from 3/24-4/16)
  • Staff Group Meditation (Zoom link available on UMMC Insider 
    15-minute group meditation - every Wednesday at 2 pm)
  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP) - open and available for in-person or virtual meetings! 
    Calls can be anonymous: 667-214-1556
  • RISE- pager #12602, available 24 hours a day if you want to discuss stressful clinical events