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Pilot Funding

This initiative provides “seed” incentives to stimulate new or existing research collaborations that will ultimately result in external grant funding.

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The goal of our think tanks is to bring together teams of researchers to build capacity for creating and evaluating efficient, effective, comprehensive, context-specific solutions for achieving health equity.

Addressing health disparities is very complex and to maximize research impact, this requires participation of those whose life or work is the subject of the research in the research process (e.g. formulation of the research question and goal, the development of a research design, the selection of appropriate methods for data collection and analysis, the implementation of the research, the interpretation of the results, and the dissemination of the findings). Ultimately, we hope that as time progresses, more and more health disparities researchers will move towards a place where research is not done “on” people as passive subjects providing “data” but “with” them to provide relevant information for improving their lives.

Current Think Tanks:


Cancer Disparities Research

Laundette Jones

Laundette Jones, PhD, MPH
Assistant Professor, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health
Deputy Director, Program in Health Equity and Population Health
Phone: 410-706-7331


Pranshu Mohindra, MD, MBBS
Associate Professor, Radiation Oncology
Phone: 410-706-6080

Eun-Shim Nahm, PhD, RN, FAAN

Eun-Shim Nahm, PhD, RN, FAAN
Professor, Organizational Systems and Adult Health
Co-Director, Center of Excellence in Biology and Behavior Across the Life Span
School of Nursing
Phone: 410-706-4913

CVD, Obesity and Diabetes

CVD, Obesity, and Diabetes Disparities Research

Erin Hager

Erin Hager, PhD
Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Director, Program in Health Equity and Population Health
Department of Epidemiology and Public Health
Phone: 410-706-0213

Infectious Diseases

Infectious Diseases Disparities Research

Marik Moen, PhD, MPH, MSN, RN

Marik Moen, PhD, MPH, MSN, RN
Assistant Professor, Family and Community Health
School of Nursing
Phone: 410-706- 5976

Milagritos Tapia

Milagritos Tapia, MD
Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Phone: 410-706-5328

Maternal and Child Health

Maternal and Child Health Disparities Research

Deborah Badawi

Debbie Badawi, MD
Assistant Professor, Department of Pediatrics
Phone: 410-767-5592

Maureen Black, PhD

Maureen Black, PhD
Professor Emeritus, Department of Pediatrics

Francesca Okolie

Francesca Okolie, DO, MPH
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics
Phone: 410-328-6003

Mental Health and Addiction

Mental Health and Addiction Disparities Research

Jodi Jacobson Frey

Jodi Frey, PhD, LCSW-C, CEAP
Professor, School of Social Work
Phone: 410-706-3607


Melanie Bennett, PhD
Professor, Department of Psychiatry
Phone: 410-706-0892

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