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Hong Zhang, PhD

Academic Title:

Assistant Professor

Primary Appointment:

Radiation Oncology



Phone (Primary):




Education and Training

2019    Therapeutic Medical Physics Residency, Indiana University, Radiation Oncology, Indianapolis, IN

2016    Research Scientist, Radiation Oncology, Augusta University, Augusta, GA

2013    Postdoctoral, Mechanical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA

2009    Ph.D.,  Biomedical Engineering, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ



Personal homepage

As an assistant professor serving as a medical physicist, Dr Zhang's research is about medical physics and imaging used in cancer treatment. He has broad research background in medical imaging, image procession, statistical analysis and high-performance computing with graphics processing unit (GPU).  He did a lot of work about individual patient customized treatment from multiple aspects including imaging, genomic and big data analysis.

Research/Clinical Keywords

Machine learning and radiomics, Survival analysis, Image and mesh procession, Smart planning.

Highlighted Publications

1. Jian-Yue Jin, Chen Hu, Ying Xiao, Hong Zhang, Rebecca Paulus, Susannah Ellsworth, Steven E. Schild, Jeffrey A. Bogart, Michael C. Dobelbower, Vivek S Kavadi, Samir Narayan, Puneeth Iyengar, Cliff G. Robinson, Joel S. Greenberger, Christopher Koprowski, Mitchell
Machtay, Walter J. Curran, Hak Choy, Jeffreay D. Bradley, Feng-Ming (Spring) Kong “Higher Radiation Dose to the Immune Cells Correlates with Worse Tumor Control and Overall Survival in Patients with Stage III NSCLC: A Secondary Analysis of RTOG0617”,Cancers, In press 2021

2.Fang Chen, Hao Yu, Hong Zhang, Yaqing Nong, Qian Wang, Haiman Jing, Ying Han, Junjie Wu, Zheng Zhou, Li Yang, Zhiyuan Xu, Yaya Liu, Pingfu Fu, Jian-Yue Jin, Victor Hsue, Amy Chang, Feng-Ming (Spring) Kong “Risk factors for radiation induced lymphopenia in patients with breast cancer receiving adjuvant radiotherapy”,Annals of Translational Medicine, In press

3.Hong Zhang, Weili Wang, Wenhu Pi, Nan Bi, Colleen DesRosiers, Fengchong Kong, Monica Cheng, Li Yang, Tim Lautenschlaeger, Shruti Jolly, Jianyue Jin, Feng-Ming (Spring) Kong “Genetic Variations in the Transforming Growth Factor-β 1 Pathway May Improve Predictive
Power for Overall Survival in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer”,Frontiers in Oncology, 11:599719, 2021

4. Anirudh Yalamanchali, Hong Zhang, Ke Colin Huang, Radhe Mohan, Steven H. Lin, Cong Zhu, Stuart A. Grossman, Jian-Yue Jin, Susannah Ellsworth "Patient-Specific Lymphocyte Loss Kinetics as Biomarker of Spleen Dose in Patients Undergoing Radiation Therapy for Upper Abdominal Malignancies",Advances in radiation oncology, 6(1), 100545, 2020

5. Susannah G. Ellsworth, Anirudh Yalamanchali, Hong Zhang, Stuart A. Grossman, Robert Hobbs, Jian-Yue Jin "Comprehensive Analysis of the Kinetics of Radiation-Induced Lympho cyte Loss in Patients Treated with External Beam Radiation Therapy",Radiation Research, 193(1), 73-81, 2020

6. Hong Zhang, Vic Kong, Ke Huang and Jian-Yue Jin, "Correction of bowtie-filter normalization and crescent artifacts for a clinical CBCT system",Technology in cancer research & treatment, 16(1): 81-91, 2017

7. Hong Zhang, Lei Ren, Vic Kong, William Giles, You Zhang and Jian-Yue Jin, "An interprojection sensor fusion approach to estimate blocked projection signal in synchronized moving grid-based CBCT system",Medical Physics 43(1): 268-278, 2016

8. Jian-Yue Jin, Weili Wang, Randall K Ten Haken, Jie Chen, Nan Bi, Ramses Sadek, Hong Zhang, Theodore S Lawrence and Feng-Ming (Spring) Kong, "Use a survival model to correlate single-nucleotide polymorphisms of DNA repair genes with radiation dose response in patients with non-small cell lung cancer",Radiotherapy and Oncology 117(1):77-82, 2015

9. Robert Keelan, Hong Zhang, Kenji Shimada and Yoed Rabin, "Graphics Processing Unit-Based Bioheat Simulation to Facilitate Rapid Decision Making Associated with Cryosurgery Training",Technology in cancer research & treatment, 15(2): 377-386, 2015

10. Tomotake Furuhata, Inho Song, Hong Zhang, Yoed Rabin and Kenji Shimada, "Interactive Prostate Shape Reconstruction from 3D TRUS Images",Journal of Computational Design and Engineering 1(4):272-288, 2014

11. Hong Zhang, Vitaly Kheyfets and Ender Finol, "Robust Infrarenal Aortic Aneurysm Lumen Centerline Detection for Rupture Status Classification", Medical Engineering and Physics 35(9):1358-1367, 2013

Awards and Affiliations

2014 The American Association of Physicists in Medicine (AAPM) membership

2015 The best paper for the second Gaheon Academic Award for Journal of Computational Design and Engineering (10,000,000 Korean Won)

2002  UMDNJ fellowship

Board Certification

Certified by American Board of Radiology (ABR) in Therapeutic Radiological Physics, May, 2021