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Yuhong Shi, BM, PhD

Academic Title:

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Primary Appointment:


Additional Title:

Assistant Professor



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Education and Training

M.D. in Medicine, China Medical University, China, 1998.

Ph.D. in Genome Science, Kobe University School of Medicine, Japan, 2006

Research/Clinical Keywords

Immunology, Tumor clonality, Tumor immunology, Immunotherapy

Highlighted Publications

  1. Maeno K, Sada K, Kyo S, Miah SM, Kawauchi-Kamata K, Qu X, Shi Y, Yamamura H. Adaptor protein 3BP2 is a potential ligand of Src homology 2 and 3 domains of Lyn protein-tyrosine kinase. J Biol Chem. 2003 Jul 4; 278(27): 24912-20.
  2. He J, Tohyama Y, Yamamoto K, Kobayashi M, Shi Y, Takano T, Noda C, Tohyama K, Yamamura H. Lysosome is a primary organelle in B cell receptor-mediated apoptosis: an indispensable role of Syk in lysosomal function. Genes Cells. 2005 Jan; 10(1): 23-35.
  3. Matsusaka S, Tohyama Y, He J, Shi Y, Hazama R, Kadono T, Kurihara R, Tohyama K, Yamamura H. Protein-tyrosine kinase, Syk, is required for CXCL12-induced polarization of B cells. Biochem Biophys Res Commun. 2005 Mar 25; 328(4): 1163-9.
  4. Shi Y, Tohyama Y, Kadono T, He J, Miah SM, Hazama R, Tanaka C, Tohyama K and Yamamura H. Protein-tyrosine kinase, Syk is required for pathogen engulfment in complement-mediated phagocytosis. Blood. 2006 Jun 1; 107(11): 4554-62.
  5. Koh J, Dar M, Untch B, Dixit D, Shi Y, Yang Z, Adam MA, Dressman H, Wang X, Gesty-Palmer D, Marks JR, Spurney R, Druey KM, Olson JA Jr. Regulator of G protein signaling 5 is highly expressed in parathyroid tumors and inhibits signaling by the calcium-sensing receptor. Mol Endocrinol. 2011 May; 25(5): 867-76.
  6. Shi Y, Hogue J, Dixit D, Koh J, Olson JA Jr. Functional and genetic studies of isolated cells from parathyroid tumors reveal the complex pathogenesis of parathyroid neoplasia. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2014 Feb 25; 111(8): 3092-7.
  7. Koh J, Hogue JA, Wang Y, DiSalvo M, Allbritton NL, Shi Y, Olson JA Jr, Sosa JA. Single-cell functional analysis of parathyroid adenomas reveals distinct classes of calcium sensing behavior in primary hyperparathyroidism. J Cell Mol Med. 2016 Feb; 20(2): 351-9.
  8. Balenga N, Azimzadeh P, Hogue JA, Staats PN, Shi Y, Koh J, Dressman H, Olson JA Jr. Orphan adhesion GPCR GPR64/ADGRG2 is overexpressed in parathyroid tumors and attenuates calcium-sensing receptor-mediated signaling. J Bone Miner Res. 2017 Mar; 32(3): 654-666.
  9. Shi Y, Azimzadeh P, Jamingal S, Wentworth S, Ferlitch J, Koh J, Balenga N, Olson JA. A polyclonal origin of parathyroid tumors is common and is associated with multiple gland disease in primary hyperparathyroidism (Accepted)

Research Interests

Genome Science, Immunology, Cancer, Endocrine, Tumor immunology, Immunotherapy