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Education and Training


Dr. Scalea is a multi-organ transplant surgeon and the director of pancreas and islet cell transplantation at the University of Maryland.

Dr. Scalea completed surgical training at the University of Maryland. He spent two years studying transplantation biology at Harvard Medical School under the mentorship of David H. Sachs. Dr. Scalea then did a transplant fellowship at the University of Wisconsin immediately prior to joining the faculty at the University of Maryland.

At the University of Maryland Dr. Scalea focuses on pancreas transplantation as well as autologous and allogeneic islet cell transplantation. He also works clinically on both the kidney and liver transplant teams.

In addition to clinical work Dr. Scalea directs a translational immunology laboratory focused on novel methods for inducing transplantation tolerance. Dr. Scalea has published more than 40 peer reviewed publications in addition to multiple book chapters and published abstracts. Beyond basic science, Dr. Scalea has published on the topic of transplantation ethics in both the Atlantic and Readers' Digest.

He previously received research grant support from the NIH and the American Society of Transplantation. Dr. Scalea is currently funded by the Greenwall Foundation to study innovations in organ donation as well as the American Surgical Association foundation to study novel methods of transplantation tolerance induction.

Dr. Scalea is also a painter and a musician. Works of his are currently on display in Baltimore and in Washington, DC. 

Research/Clinical Keywords

transplantation, uas, uav, unmanned aircraft vehicle

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