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Additional Title:

Director Peripheral Neuropathy Center, Director Autonomous Nervous System Disorders Laboratory, Vice Chair Research


Paca Pratt Building, 110 S Paca Street, 3S-129

Phone (Primary):

(410) 328-3100


(410) 328-8981

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Research/Clinical Keywords

Neuropathy, mitochondrial, diabetes, autonomic`

Highlighted Publications

Publications can be found at the following URL:

Dyck PJ, Argyros B, Russell JW, Gahnstrom LE; Nalepa S, Albers JW, Lodermeier KA, Zafft AJ, Dyck PJB, Klein CJ, Litchy WJ, Davies JL, Carter RE, Melton LJ.  Multicenter trial of the proficiency of smart quantitative sensation tests. Muscle and Nerve Vol. 49(5):645-653, May 2014. PMID: 23929701

Chandrasekaran K, Inoue T, Muragundla A, Russell JW.  PGC-1alpha regulation of mitochondrial degeneration in experimental diabetic neuropathy.  Neurobiology of Disease Vol. 64; Pages118–130, Apr 2014. PMID: 24423644

Litchy WJ, MD,Albers JW, Wolfe J, Bolton CF, Walsh N, Klein CJ, Zafft AJ, Russell JW, Zwirlein M, Overland CJ, Davies JL, Carter RE, Dyck PJ. Proficiency of Nerve Conduction using Standard Methods and Reference Values (Cl. NPhys Trial 4). Muscle and Nerve. Vol. 50, Issue 6, pages 900–908, Dec 2014. PMID: 24644133


Additional Publication Citations

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Gewandter JS, Burke L, Cavaletti G, Dworkin RH, Gibbons C, Gover TD, Herrmann DN, Reeve BB, Russell JW, Smith AG, Smith SM, Turk DC, Vinik AI, Freeman R. Content Validity of Symptom-based Measures for Diabetic, Chemotherapy, and HIV Peripheral Neuropathy. Muscle & Nerve, July 22, 2016, PMID: 27447116

Research Interests

Dr. Russell's laboratory has as its basic research focus the understanding of the mechanisms and treatment of diabetic neuropathy.His laborotory is intersted in developn strategies for prevent of reverse neuropathy.In translational research,the laboratory is current examining pathway of oxidative and mitochondrial injury in the peripheral nervous system,and mechanisms to prevent or reverse cellular injury.Understanding these basic mechanisms of glucose-pronduced injury in the peripheral nerve will allow a more a rrational design of therapies armed at ameliorating diabetic neuropathy.In clinicalr esearch, the research group is determining the effect of lifestyle interventions on autonomic and somatic neuropathy in subjects with neuropathy associated with pre-diabetes and diabetes.This research is aimed at developing improved diagnosis and new treatments for peripheral neuropathies.

Clinical Specialty Details

Dr. Russell has clinical research interested in neuromuscular diseases, specifically in study peripheral neuropathies. He has actively clinical research interests in pathogenesis and treatment of neuropathy in diabetes and impaired glucose tolerance, and in inflammatory neuropathies. He also has clinical and research and interests in autonomic neuropathies. He directs the Autonomic Nervous System Disorders Laboratory at the University of Maryland.

Grants and Contracts

National Institutes of Health (NIDDIK) and Department of Veterans Affairs

In the News

Lab Techniques and Equipment

* Mitochondrial gentics and proteomics, anatomy and function.
* Electrophysiology in the peripheral nerve.
* Nerve morphometry. Intraepidermal nerve fiber density.
* Autonomic function testing. 

Links of Interest

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