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Walesia Robinson, MD

Academic Title:

Assistant Professor

Primary Appointment:

Emergency Medicine

Additional Title:

Clinical Assistant Professor Department of Emergency Medicine

Phone (Primary):


Phone (Secondary):




Education and Training

Undergraduate: Oakwood University

Medical School: University of Alabama at Birmingham

Residency: Howard University Hospital

Chief Resident: Howard University Hospital, Emergency Medicine

University of Maryland Emergency Medicine, Administrative Executive Curriculum, 2017

MIEMSSS certification, Hospital Incident Command System (ICS 100, 200, 700 and 800)

American College of Surgeons, Disaster Management & Emergency Preparedness

U.S. Department of Homeland Security, Weapons of Mass Destruction, Incident Complexities 


Dr. Robinson started her medical career in urban community hospitals. She later joined academic medicine at Howard University Hospital in 2007 as Assistant Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Washington, DC, and was Co-Chair of the Disaster Preparedness Executive Committee. She also served on the Emergency Management Committee for Washington, DC, as well as on the District of Columbia Hospital Association of Emergency Preparedness Committee. In 2011 she joined the faculty at University of Maryland, School of Medicine, Department of Emergency Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland. In addition to her clinical practice, she teaches Introduction to Clinical Medicine I and II to first and second year medical students, serves on the Admissions/Selections Committee for the UM Emergency Medicine Residency Program and is a mock boards examiner for senior residents preparing for emergency medicine board certification. She completed the UMEM Executive/Administrative Curriculum in 2017.

Research/Clinical Keywords

Administration, Disaster Preparedness, Emergency Physician Documentation, Community Health Education

Highlighted Publications

Robinson, W. L. (2013) Environmental Emergencies: Hymenoptera (bees wasps and ants), Gastrointestinal: Acute Pancreatitis. In Wallis, L. A., Reynolds, T. A., AFEM Handbook of Acute and Emergency Care. (pp. 218 – 220; 270-271) Oxford University Press. Capetown, South Africa

Robinson, Walesia, Mark Rose, Benchaa Boualam, Carina Newton, Nancy Bogne, Maria J. Borja, Rebecca P. Duncan and Quincy Khoi Tran. (2016) “372: Emergency Physicians' Documentation of Care for Transferred Patients with Aortic Dissections.” Critical care medicine 44 12 Suppl 1, 169.

Duncan, R.P., Boualam, B., Newton, C., Rose, M., Borja, M.J., Bogne, N., Robinson, W., & Tran, Q.K. (2016). "362: Transport Teams' Documentation of Interfacility Transferred Patients with Aortic Dissections." Critical care medicine, 44 12 Suppl 1, 167.

Awards and Affiliations

American Academy of Emergency Medicine fellow

American College of Emergency Medicine fellow

ACEP: Wellness Section

American Medical Association 

National Medical Association

Community Service

Community Health and Wellness Education

Professional Activity

Introduction to Clinical Medicine I and II

Clinical Emergency Medicine Medical Student Lectures

Hospital Resource Utilization Committee

Hospital Infectious Diseases Committee 

Hospital Medical Executive Committee