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HSF II, S332

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(410) 706-1976

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Education and Training

University of Natural Sciences, Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, B.S., Biochemistry, 2002.

Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) School of Medicine, South Korea, Ph.D., Molecular Microbiology, 2009.

Postdoctoral Researcher: Kansas State University (KSU), Department of Diagnostic Medicine/Pathobiology, Manhattan, KS.

Postdoctoral Researcher: Case Western Reserve University (CWRU), Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology, Cleveland, OH.

Postdoctoral Researcher: University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) School of Medicine, Center for Vaccine Development & Global Health (CVD)


Highlighted Publications

Pham TH, Park MY, Kim KK, Kim YG, and Ahn JH. Intracellular localization of human ZBP1: Differential regulation by the Z-DNA binding domain, Z-alpha, in splice variants. & Biophys Research Communications, September 2006.

Park JJ, Kim YE, Pham TH, Kim ET, Chung YH, and Ahn JH. Functional interaction of the human cytomegalovirus IE2 protein with histone deacetylase 2 in infected human fibroblasts. Journal of General Virology, December 2007.

Rao P, Pham TH, Kulkarmi A, Yang Y, Liu X, Knipe DM, Cresswell P, and Yuan W. Herpes simplex virus 1 glycoprotein B and US3 collaborate to inhibit CD1d antigen presentation and NKT cell function. Journal of Virology, August 2011.

Pham TH, Gao X, Tsai K, Olsen R, Wan F, and Hardwidge PR. Functional differences and interactions between the E. coli type III secretion system effectors NleH1 and NleH2. Infection and Immunity, June 2012.

Gao X, Wang XG, Pham TH, Feuerbacher LA, Lubos ML, Huang MZ, Olsen R, Mushegian A, Slawson C, and Hardwidge PR. NleB, a bacterial effector with glycosyltransferase activity, targets GAPDH function to inhibit NF-κB activation. Cell Host & Microbe, January 2013.

Pham TH, Kwon KM, Kim YE, Kim KK, and Ahn JH. DNA sensing-independent inhibition of herpes simplex virus 1 replication by DAI/ZBP1. Journal of Virology, March 2013.

Pham TH, Nguyen T, and Nguyen L. Targeting drug resistance mechanisms in Mycobacterium tuberculosis. Journal of Ancient Diseases & Preventive Remedies, July 2013.

Pham TH, Gao X, Singh G, and Hardwidge PR. Escherichia coli virulence protein NleH1 interaction with the v-crk sarcoma virus CT10 oncogene-like protein (CRKL) governs NleH1 inhibition of the ribosomal protein S3 (RPS3)/NF-kappaB pathway. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, November 2013.

Wolff KA, de la Pena AH, Nguyen HT, Pham TH, Amzel LM, Gabelli SB, and Nguyen L. A redox regulatory system critical for mycobacterial survival in macrophages and biofilm development. PLoS Pathogens, April 2015.

Gao X, Pham TH, Feuerbacher LA, Chen K, Hays MP, Singh G, Rueter G, Guerrero RH, and Hardwidge PR. Citrobacter rodentium NleB inhibits tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor-associated factor 3 (TRAF3) ubiquitination to reduce host type I interferon production. The Journal of Biological Chemistry, August 2016.

Guzzo MB, Nguyen HT, Pham TH, Wyszczelska-Rokiel M, Jakubowski H, Wolff KA, Ogwang S, Timpona JL, Gogula S, Jacobs MR, Ruetz M, Kräutler B, Jacobsen DW, Zhang GF, and Nguyen L. Methylfolate Trap Promotes Bacterial Thymineless Death by Sulfa Drugs. PLoS Pathogens, October 2016.



Galen JE, Pham T, Chen W, Wang JY, and Bridge D. Live Salmonella Typhi Vectors Engineered to Express Heterologous Outer Membrane Protein Antigens and Methods of Use Thereof. WO Patent WO/2018/213,242.




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