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Dipanjan Pan, MSc, PhD

Academic Title:


Primary Appointment:

University of Maryland Baltimore County

Secondary Appointment(s):

Pediatrics, Diagnostic Radiology Nuclear Medicine

Administrative Title:

Director of Imaging Probe Design and Fabrication Resources

Additional Title:

Director, Investigational Imaging Probe Resources, Radiology Director, Nano-fabrication & Characterization Core, CBOTH Associate Director and Liaison for UMB-UMBC Engineering and Medicine Initiative

Phone (Primary):

UMB: 410-706-5172 UMBC: 410-455-8885

Education and Training

03/2002- 02/2005 Postdoctoral Research, Washington University in St Louis, Nanotechnology/Polymer Chemistry 

03/2002 Ph.D., Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), India, Chemistry 

1997 M.S., Vidyasagar University, India, Organic Chemistry

1995 B.S., Vidyasagar University, India, Chemistry 


Dipanjan Pan is leading the Laboratory for Materials in Medicine (MatMed) at UMB-UMBC. MatMed’s mission is to develop next generation translatable technologies to improve human health by uniquely merging ‘molecule making’ and ‘device making’, and through innovations in nanomedicine tools and point-of-care systems. Active research themes include:

  • Fundamentals: nanoparticle synthesis, drug discovery/delivery, molecular imaging, biosensing
  • Applications: cancer stem cell, immune-therapeutics, drug-free antimicrobial, disease diagnosis/monitoring, image-guided prototyping, COVID-19 biosensing

Research/Clinical Keywords

nanoparticles, molecular imaging, photon counting CT, cancer stem cells, biosensing

Highlighted Publications

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Research Interests

Materials in medicine-Converging basic science and engineering with medicine

The philosophy of Pan Lab is that integrated solutions to problems can be formulated by in silico-to-in vivo approach and synergistic developments in the following areas: drug delivery (e.g., stem like cancer cells and transcription factors), molecularly specific contrast probes and their applications in preclinical and clinical models and bio-sensing (chemical and electro-chemical sensing of disease). At the laboratory for materials in medicine (MatMed) our research is multifaceted to make nanomedicine patient specific using an ‘omics’ approach. Our research is broadly aimed at understanding and creating defined materials for molecular imaging, drug delivery and non-viral gene delivery applications with a focus on structure, function and engineering processes. We are also dedicated to developing ‘immuno-nanomedicine’ approaches to cancer and other biomedical problems. In close collaboration with clinical scientists, we integrate basic science and engineering with medicine emphasizing image guided drug delivery for cardiovascular and oncologic applications. Initiated originally at Washington University, cultivated at UIUC, at UMB we continue to focus on building individual proficiencies in these areas and advancing specific applications towards clinical translation, personalized nanomedicine and developing biosensors for ‘sensing’ biological processes using machine learning tools. With a demonstrated track record of translating academic research to market/clinic and working closely with clinicians, we strive to diminish the gap between exploratory science and clinical research and bring technologies from ‘bench-to-bedside.’

Awards and Affiliations

2018- Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research -Associate Professor, College of Engineering, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign

2018- Finalist for the Innovation Celebration Entrepreneurial Excellence: New Venture Award (InnSight), Champaign Community

2017- Fellow, American College of Cardiology (FACC)

2017- Young Innovator Award in Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering, Biomedical Research Society (BMES)

2017- Teachers ranked as excellent, Spring 2017 

2016- NML Researcher Award 2016 (Nano-Micro Letters Journal)

2016- Fellow, American Heart Association (FAHA)

2016- Teachers ranked as excellent, Spring 2016

2014- Fellow, Royal Society of Chemistry (UK)


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