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Education and Training


1981 –1987                             MBChB           University of Nairobi, Nairobi, Kenya

                                                                        Degree Course in Medicine

1994                                         MRCP (UK)   Member of the Royal College of Physicians

1995                                        DTM&H         Royal Colleges of Physicians, United Kingdom

                                                                        Tropical Medicine & Hygiene

1995-1999                              CCST               Accreditation as consultant physician with specialist

                                                                        interest in HIV Medicine/STIs. Royal Colleges of

                                                                        Medicine, United Kingdom

1999                                        DFFP               Diploma in Family Planning &    Reproductive         

                                                                      Health Royal Colleges of Physicians, UK.


Post Graduate Education and Training

1987 – 1988                            Pre-Registration House Officer Rotation

                                                Coast Province General Hospital, Kenya

1988 – 1989                            Senior House Officer Rotation

                                                Coast Province General Hospital, Kenya

1989 – 1991                            Clinical Scientific Research Officer

                                                Clinical Research Centre, Kenya Medical Research Institute

1992                                        Supernumerary Senior House Officer

                                                Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford

1992                                        Senior House Officer Cardiology, Castle Hill Hospital, Cottingham

1992 –1995                             Senior House Officer Rotation General Medicine

                                                Princess Royal Hospital, Telford

Highlighted Publications

  1. Gilks CF. Ojoo SA. Ojoo JC.  Brindle RJ. et al.  Invasive pneumococcal disease in a cohort of predominantly HIV-1 infected female sex workers in Nairobi, Kenya.  Lancet 347 (9003):718-23.  1996 Mar 16.
  2. Godfrey-Faucett P.  Githui W. Batchelor B. Brindle RJ. Paul J. Hawken M. Gathua S. Odhiambo J. Ojoo SA. et al.  Recurrence of HIV related Tuberculosis in an endemic area maybe due to relapse or re-infection. Tubercle and Lung Disease. 75(3): 199-202, 1994 June.
  3. Lewis DJ, Gilks CF, Ojoo SA et al.  Immune response following oral Administration of cholera toxin B Subunit to HIV 1 infected UK and Kenyan Subjects.   AIDS 8  (6): 779-85  1994 June.
  4. Gilks CF, Ojoo SA, Brindle RJ.  Non opportunistic bacterial infections in  HIV-seropositive adults in Nairobi, Kenya. [Review].  AIDS  5  Suppl 1:S113-6.  1991.
  5. Gilks CF. Godfrey-Faucett P. Batchelor BI. Ojoo JC. Ojoo SA. Brindle RJ. Paul J. Kimari       J. et al. Recent transmission of tuberculosis in a cohort of HIV-1-infected female sex    workers in Nairobi, Kenya. AIDS. 11(7):911-8, 1997 Jun. 
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