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Arthur V. Milholland, MD, PhD

Academic Title:

Adjunct Assistant Professor

Primary Appointment:


Phone (Primary):


Education and Training

1965: B.S., Mathematics, Boston College, Boston, Massachusetts

1969: M.D., University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland

1976: Ph.D., Statistics, University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware

Internship/Partial Residency
1969-1970: Internal Medicine Internship, Washington Hospital Center, Washington, D. C.

1975-1976: General Surgery Residency, University of Alabama, Birmingham, Alabama

Residency - Anesthesiology
1980-1982: University of Maryland Medical System, Baltimore, Maryland

Fellowship - Regional Anesthesia
1982 (6 mos): Virginia Mason Hospital & Clinics, Seattle, Washington

Additional Education
1995: Medical Acupuncture for Physicians, UCLA.

Highlighted Publications


Lamb DE, Milholland AV, Cowley RA, Sylvanus FE, Gretes AJ: Computer simulation of decision making on the scene of a mass casualty incident. In Emergency Management at an Airport Catastrophe, Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems, 1979.


Milholland AV, Wheeler SG, Heieck JJ: Medical Assessment by a delphi group opinion technique. N Engl J Med 288:1272-1275, 1971.

Copes W, Cowley RA, Masaitis C, Sacco W, Milholland AV: Application of pattern recognition to shock-trauma studies. Proceedings of the 1972 Army Numerical Analysis Conference.

Milholland A, Heieck J, Mickiewicz A: Lethality estimates and relative hazards of the 3 inch, 0.3 pound bean bag. Edgewood Arsenal Technical Report, March, 1974.

Soderstrom C, Milholland A, DuPriest R: Alcohol and car crashes: The wrong driver. Letter. N Engl J Med 298:1262, 1978.

Sacco A, Milholland A, et al: Trauma indices. Computers in Biology and Medicine 7:9-20, 1977.

Cowley RA, Milholland A, Champion H: Computerized indices or organ function in critically ill patients. Presented at the Second World Congress of Intensive Care, Paris, France, September, 1977.

Milholland AV, Cowley RA: Anatomical injury code. Amer Surg 45:93-100, 1979.

Milholland AV, Cowley RA, Sacco WJ: Development and prospective study of an anatomical index and an acute trauma index. Amer Surg 45:246-254, 1979.

Milholland AV: Correlation revisited. Math Sciences Roundtable 12:27-28, 1980.

Majerus TM, Milholland AV, Stega M: Aminoglycoside drug dosing by computer. Proceedings, Fourth Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care, IEEE Society, 1980.

Stega M, Miholland AV, Pollizzi JA: A successful clinical computer system. Proceedings, Fourth Annual Symposium on Computer Applications in Medical Care, IEEE Society, 1980.

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Wallace MS and Milholland AV: Contralateral spread of local anesthetic with stellate ganglion block. Regional Anesthesia 18(1):55-59, 1993.