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STC, T1R77

Phone (Primary):

(410) 328-1294

Phone (Secondary):

(410) 328-2628


(410) 328-3138

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Education and Training

 2003 B.A., Neuroscience and Behavior, Barnard College, Columbia University

2005 Post Baccalaureate Certificate, Stony Brook University

2011 M.D., University of Buffalo School of Medicine

2011 - 2015 Residency - Department of Anesthesiology- Clinical Based Year in Internal Medicine, University of Maryland Medical Center, Baltimore, MD

2015 – Present Fellowship - Trauma Anesthesiology, University of Maryland, R Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, Baltimore, MD

Highlighted Publications

Matthews BJ, Kim ME, Flanagan JJ, Hattori D, Clemens JC, Zipursky SL, Grueber WB. "Dendrite Self-Avoidance is Controlled by Dscam". Cell. 2007; 129(3):593-60.

Kim ME, Shrestha BR, Blazeski R, Mason CA, Grueber WB. WB "Integrins establish dendrite-substrate relationships that promote dendritic self-avoidance and patterning in drosophila sensory neurons". Neuron. 2012; 73(1):79-91.

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