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Sandeep S. Joshi, PhD

Academic Title:

Research Associate

Primary Appointment:

Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


108 N. Greene St., 310

Phone (Primary):



(410) 706-8297

Education and Training

I obtained Bachelor's in Veterinary Sci & Animal Husbandry from Bombay Veterinary College, Mumbai, India. I received my PhD in Biomedical Sciences program from Marshall University, Huntington, West Virginia. I completed my postdoctoral training in Dr. Hornyak's lab in the field of melanocyte stem biology and melanoma in Dermatology Branch, NCI, NIH, Bethesda and Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland.


I am the member of Dr. Hornyak's research team and focus on melanocyte stem cell research. 

Research/Clinical Keywords

Melanoma biology, Hair follicle melanocyte stem cells and Pigment cell biology.

Highlighted Publications

  • Miles SL, Fischer AP, Joshi SS, Niles RM. Ascorbic Acid and Ascobate-2-Phosphate decrease HIF activity and malignant properties of human melanoma cells. BMC Cancer. 2015 Nov 7;15:867
  • Mills CN*, Joshi SS*, Niles RM. Expression and function of hypoxia inducible factor-1 alpha in human melanoma under non-hypoxic conditions. Mol Cancer. 2009 Nov 17;8:104 (* Equal contribution).
  • Pedram Ghafourifar, Melinda L. Asbury, Sandeep S. Joshi, Eric D. Kincaid. 2005. Determination of Mitochondrial Nitric Oxide Synthase Activity. Methods Enzymol. Vol 396, pp 426-4434)