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Elizabeth Quaal Hines, MD

Academic Title:

Clinical Assistant Professor

Primary Appointment:


Education and Training

Medical School: Emory University School of Medicine, Atlanta, GA. 2004-2008.

Pediatric Residency: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD. 2008-2011.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Fellowship: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD. 2011-2014.

Medical Toxicology Fellowship: New York University School of Medicine, New York, NY. 2014-2016.

Research/Clinical Keywords

Pediatric Toxicology Pediatric Poisoning Prevention

Highlighted Publications

Repplinger DJ, Hoffman RS, Nelson LS, Hines EQ, Howland MA, Su MK. Lack of significant bleeding despite large acute rivaroxaban overdose confirmed with whole blood concentrations. Clin Tox 2016; 54(8): 647-649.

Hines EQ, Soomro I, Howland MA, Hoffman RS, Smith SW. Massive parenteral manganese overdose: minimal role for hemodialysis. Clin Tox 2016; 54(6): 523-525.

Hines EQ and Nelson LS. Case studies in toxicology: the perilous pursuit of perfection. Emergency Medicine 2015; 47(12): 550-552.

Hines EQ, Cohen JS and Klein BK.  Glue adhesives for minor skin lacerations.  Contemporary Pediatrics 2013; 30(1): 25-33.

Hines EQ.  2011. Fluids and Electrolytes. In: Arcara K & Tschudy M, editors.  Harriet Lane Handbook. Philadelphia: Mosby.