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Naomi L. Hardy, MD

Academic Title:

Visiting Instructor

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Education and Training

Brandeis University, BS, Neuroscience and Biology, MA, 2011

Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, MD, PA, 2017

University of Maryland, AP/CP pathology residency, MD, 2021

University of Maryland, Cytopathology fellowship, MD, 2022


Dr. Hardy is a board certified surgical pathologist with a special interest and subspecialty clinical experience in cytopathology and thoracic pathology. Although her research interests are primarily in her areas of subspecialty training, she is a firm advocate for collaboration between anatomic and clinical pathology professionals and has several published works with microbiology and clinical chemistry experts.

Research/Clinical Keywords


Highlighted Publications

Hardy, N., Jacobs, J., Mullins, K., Christenson, R., Cox, T., Murphy, C., Koka, R. Pathology Trainees Gain Clinical Pathology Experience as Lab Consultants Through Auditing Myeloid Mutation Panel Send-Out Tests. Arch Pathol Lab Med. 2022;10.5858/arpa.2021-0334-EP.

Hardy, N., Luethy, P. Evaluation of Inappropriate COVID-19 RT–PCR Test Utilization at an Academic Medical Center. The Journal of Applied Laboratory Medicine. November 2021; 6(6): 1484-1491.

Hardy N., Staats P. Metastatic mesonephric-like endometrial adenocarcinoma diagnosed on transbronchial needle aspirate cytology. Diagn Cytopathol. 2022;50(2):86-90.

Hardy, N., Jacobs, J., Staats, P., Burke, A., Stashek, K., Malone, L. Pleomorphic Carcinoid: A Pitfall in Diagnosis on Small Biopsy Specimens. American Journal of Surgical Pathology: Reviews & Reports. March 2022; 27(2):69-72.

Burke, A.P., Hardy, N., Fanaroff, R., Legesse, T. Sarcomatoid Mesothelioma with Bland Histologic Features: A Potential Pitfall in Diagnosis. American Journal of Surgical Pathology: Reviews & Reports. 2022;27(3).

Canakis A, Kesar V, Hardy N., Legesse TB, Darwin P. Pancreatic serous cystadenoma with a positive octreotide scan. Gastrointest Endosc. 2022. 95(6):1269-1270.

Hardy, N., Canakis, A., Staats, P., Darwin P., Legesse, T. Cytologic features of metastatic epithelioid uterine leiomysarcoma to the pancreas [published onoloine ahead of print, 2022 Sep 9]. Diagnostic Cytopathology. 2022;10.1002/dc.25051. DOI: 10.1002/dc.25051



Additional Publication Citations

Singh, A., Chan, J., DiChiacchio, L., Hardy, N., Corcoran, P., Lewis, B., Thomas, M., Burke, A., Ayares, D., Horvath, K., Mohiuddin, M. Cardiac xenografts show reduced survival in the absence of transgenic human thrombomodulin expression in donor pigs. Xenotransplantation. 2019; 26(2):e12465.

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Min, E., Foppiano Palacios, C., Hardy, N., Riedel, D. Unexplained Diffuse Lymphadenopathy in Patient with HIV: HHV8 Associated Multicentric Castleman Disease. Infectious diseases in Clinical Practice. 2020;28(6): 287-390.

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Hardy, N., Thompson, J., Mehra, R., Drachenberg, C., Hatten, K., Papadimitriou, J. Parotid Salivary Duct Carcinoma with Prominent Squamous Component: Immunohistochemical Profile, Diagnostic Pitfalls, and Therapeutic Implications. International Journal of Surgical Pathology. 2021;8;10668969211001952.

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Hardy, N., Markidan, J., Ma, L. Sneddon syndrome. American Journal of Surgical Pathology: Reviews & Reports. November/December 2021; 26(6):300-303.

Clinical Specialty Details

  • Cytopathology