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Rachel H. Gore, ScM

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Genetic Counselor


737 West Lombard Street, Suite 215

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Education and Training

  • Clark University, BA, Biology, 2013
  • Johns Hopkins Univeristy & National Human Genome Research Institute Genetic Counseling Training Program, ScM, 2018


Rachel Gore is a genetic counselor in the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Maryland School of Medicine. She studied Biology at Clark University in Worcester, MA and obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in 2013 with thesis studies in genetics. After completing her undergraduate degree, Rachel worked in an adult primary care setting prior to pursuing her career as a genetic counselor. She earned her ScM degree in Genetic Counseling in 2018 from the Johns Hopkins University/National Human Genome Research Institute Genetic Counseling Training Program, where her research focused on assessing and identifying areas for improvement in  the informed consent process for genetic testing, particularly exome sequencing.

She then joined the Division of Human Genetics at the University of Maryland. Rachel’s clinical interests include general pediatric genetics, as well as oncology genetic counseling for adults with a personal or family history of cancer. As an instructor on the School of Medicine faculty, Rachel is involved in training graduate students in the Master's of Genetic Counseling Training Program through lecturing, thesis committee membership and clinical supervision.     

Research/Clinical Keywords

Genetic counseling, pediatric genetics, oncology genetics, whole exome sequencing

Highlighted Publications

Gore, R, Bridges, FP, Cohen, JS, Biesecker, B. Challenges to informed consent for exome sequencing: a best-worst scaling experiment. Journal of Genetic Counseling. 2019 Sep 25. 

Additional Publication Citations

Denton, K,  Atkinson, M, Borenstein, S, Carlson, A, Carroll, T, Cullity, K, DeMarsico C, Ellowitz, D, Gialtourides A, Gore, R, Herleikson, A, Ling, A, Martin, R, McMahan, K, Naksukpaiboon P, Seiz, A, Yearwood, K, O’Neill, J, Wiatrowski, H. Identification of a possible respiratory arsenate reductase in Denitrovibrio acetiphilus, a member of the phylum Defferibacteres. Archives of Microbiology. 2013 Jul;195:661-670.


Gore, R. Biesecker, BB, Cohen, J., Challenges to informed consent for exome sequencing: a best worst scaling experiment, NSGC Annual Education Conference, Atlanta GA, Platform Presentation, 2018. 




Professional Activity

Co-Chair, Membership Committee, Maryland and DC Society of Genetic Counselors, 2018-present

Member, National Society of Genetic Counselors (NSGC), 2018-present

  • Member, NSGC Pediatric and Clinical Genetics Special Interest Group
  • Member, NSGC Cancer Special Interest Group

Member, Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health, Alpha Chapter, 2018-present

Member, Cancer Committe, UMD Baltimore Washington Medical Center, Tate Cancer Center, 2018-present

Member, Breast Leadership Committee, UMD Baltimore Washington Medical Center, Tate Cancer Center, 2018-present