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725 W Lombard St, Baltimore, MD 21201

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443 857 5612

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Education and Training


Dr. Amir Dashti is a researcher who has worked on a variety of vaccine research projects. His research focuses on finding the new broadly neutralizing antibodies from HIV patients, production of new antibodies and investigating on B cell functions of the HIV patients. 

Research/Clinical Keywords

HIV, bNABs, Antibody, B cells, Immunotherapy, Cancer stem cells, Dendirtic cells, DNA vaccination, EAEC

Highlighted Publications

1. Bouzari S, Shahrokhi N, Dashti A, Janani A, Jafari A.Construction and evaluation of chimeric
heat-labile toxin B subunit and N terminal(1–75) fragment of colonization factor antigen I gene of
enterotoxigenic Escherichia coli. Ann Microbiol (2010). 60: 255–261

2. Bouzari S, Dashti A, Jafari A, Oloomi M. Immune response against adhesins of enteroaggregative
Escherichia coli immunized by three different vaccination strategies (DNA/DNA, Protein/Protein,
and DNA/Protein) in mice. Comp Immunol Microbiol Infect Dis (2010). 33: 215–225

3. Bouzari S, Aslani M.M, Oloomi M, Jafari A, Dashti A. Comparison of multiplex PCR with
serogrouping and PCR-RFLP of fliC gene for the detection of enteropathogenic Escherichia coli
(EPEC). (2011). The Brazilian Journal of Infectious Diseases, 15: 365–369

4. Dashti A, Moosavian M. Isolation and identification of legionellosis agents from fishponds,
swimming pools and cooling towers in Khuzestan province, Iran. M. JJM. (2011); 4(4): 209-215.

5. Dashti A, Ebrahimi M, Hadjati J, Moazzeni S.M. Identification and Characterization of Cancer
Stem Cells in Mouse Malignant Melanoma. (2014). Modares Journal of Medical Sciences:
Pathobiology, 17(2): 23-27

6. Savar N.S, Dashti A, Darzi Eslam E, Jahanian-Najafabadi A, Jafari A. Antigenicity and
immunogenicity of fused B-subunit of heat labile toxin of Escherichia coli and colonization factor
antigen I polyepitopes. (2014). Journal of Microbiological Methods, 106: 40–46

7. Golshani M, Rafati S, Dashti A, Gholami E, Siadat SD, Oloomi M, Jafari A, Bouzari
S.Vaccination with recombinant L7/L12-truncated Omp31 protein induces protection against
Brucella infection in BALB/c mice. (2015) Mol Immunol. 65(2):287-92.

8. Dashti A, Ebrahimi M, Hadjati J, Memarnejadian A, Moazzeni S.M. Dendritic Cell Based
Immunotherapy using Tumor Stem Cells Mediate Potent Antitumor Immune Responses. (2016)
Cancer Letters (374) 175–185

9. Miri S.T, Dashti A, Mostaan S, Kazemi F, Bouzari S Identification of different Escherichia coli pathotypes in north and north-west provinces of Iran. IJM. (2017). 9: 33-37

10. Sajadi M.M, Dashti A, Tehrani Z.R, Tolbert W.D, Seaman M.S, Ouyang X, Gohain N, Pazgir M,
Kim D, Cavet G, Yared J, Redfield R.R, Lewis G.K and Devico A.L. Identification of near-panneutralizing antibodies against HIV-1 by deconvolution of plasma humoral responses. Cell (2018). 173, 1-13

Research Interests

  • Immunotherapy
  • HIV studies
  • B cell's function
  • Denderitic cells

Awards and Affiliations

2013 3th Student idea creation, awarded for best idea on stem cell research
2014 12th International congress of Immunology and allergy, awarded for best poster presentation

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