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Azar Peter Dagher, MD

Academic Title:

Assistant Professor

Primary Appointment:

Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine

Phone (Primary):

(410) 328-6541

Education and Training

1981                 B.S., Engineering, Loyola College

1985                 M.S. Tract, Electrical Engineering, McGill University

1989                 M.D., University of Maryland School of Medicine 

1989-1990     Internship, Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center

1990-1994     Residency, Radiology, Johns Hopkins Hospital

1994-1995     Fellowship, Neuroradiology, Johns Hopkins Hospital

1995-1995     Fellowship, Neuropathology, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology


1990                Diplomat, National Board of Medical Examiners      

1994                Diplomat, American Board of Radiology

1996                ABR Certification of Added Qualification (CAQ), Neuroradiology

2007                ABR Certification of Added Qualification (CAQ), Neuroradiology

Research/Clinical Keywords

Image and data analysis

Highlighted Publications

1.         Hruban RH, Zerhouni EA, Dagher AP, et al.:  Morphological basis for MR imaging of benign prostatic hyperplasia.  J Comput Assist Tomogr 11:1035-1041, 1987.

2.         Dagher AP, Magid D, Johnson CA, et al.:  Case report: aneurysmal bone cyst developing after anterior cruciate ligament tear and repair.  AJR 158:1289-1291, June 1992.

3.         Dagher AP, Fishman EK:  Case Report:  uterine and bladder rupture during vaginal delivery in a patient with a prior cesarian section.  Urol Radiol 14:200-201, 1992.

4.         Small WC, Mehard WB, Langomo LS, Dagher AP, et al.:  Preoperative determination of resectability of hepatic tumors:  efficacy of CT during arterial portography.  AJR 161:319-322, 1993.

5.         Langomo LS, Dagher AP, et al:  Does CTAP Prior to hepatic resection improve patient survival rates?  Abdom Imaging 19:317-319, 1994.

6.         Dagher AP, Smirniotopoulos J:  Intracranial dermoid cysts with and without rupture:  A series with radiologic-pathologic correlation.  Int J  Neuroradiol 1:134-144, 1995.

7.         Dagher AP, Smirniotopoulos J:  Tumefactive demyelination lesions.  Neuroradiology 38:560-565. 1996.

8.         Lee RL, Dagher AP:  Low-power method for estimating the magnetization transfer bound-pool macromolecular fraction. J Mag Reson Imaging 7:913-917, 1997.

9.         Pham D, Prince JL, Dagher AP, Xu Chenyang: An automated technique for statistical characterization of brain tissues in MRI. In Press. International Journal of of Pattern Recognition and Artifical Intelligence. 11(8):1189-1211, 1997.

10.       Dagher AP, Fitzpatrick M, EH, Flanders AE, Eng J. Enhancing web applications in radiology using Java: Estimating magnetic resonance tissue relaxation times. Radiographics. 18(5):1287-1293, 1998.

11.       Katzman G, Dagher AP, Patronas N. Incidental findings on brain MRI from 1000 asymptomatic volunteers, JAMA. 282:36-39,1999.

12.       Bryan RN, Cai J, Burke G, Hutchinson RG, Liao D, Toole JF, Dagher AP, Cooper L,  Prevalence and Anatomic Characteristics of Infact-like Lesions on MR Images of Middle-Aged Adults: The ARIC Study. Am J Neuroradiol  20:1273-1280, 1999.

13.       Dagher AP, Aletras, A, Choyke P, Balaban R. Imaging of Urea using Chemical Exchange-Dependent Saturation Transfer at 1.5 Tesla. J Mag Reson Imaging. 12:745-748, 2000.

14.       Thompson KJ, Dagher AP, et al. Modic Changes on MR Images as Studied with Provocative Diskography: Clinical Relevance—A Retrospective Study of 2457 Disks. Radiology 250:849-855, 2009.

15.       Dagher AP, et al. Adjusting the Medical Record for a Pro-life Practice. Linacre Quarterly, 80 (3) 213-217, 2013.