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Dominique R. Bollino, PhD

Academic Title:

Research Associate

Primary Appointment:


Phone (Primary):


Education and Training

Frostburg State University, B.S. Biology 2008

University of Maryland, Baltimore, Ph.D. 2015

     Thesis Advisor- Dr. Laure Aurelian

Univerisity of Maryland, Baltimore, Postdoctoral fellowship 2015-2019

     Department of Microbiology and Immunology, Laboratory of Dr. Tonya Webb

University of Maryland Greenebaum Cancer Center, Postdoctoral fellowship, 2019

     Program in Oncology, Laboratory of Dr. Ashkan Emadi


Research/Clinical Keywords

Acute myeloid leukemia, FLT3 inhibition, pancreatic cancer, glutamine metabolism

Highlighted Publications

1. Colunga, A., Bollino, D., Schech, A. and Aurelian, L. “Calpain-dependent clearance of the autophagy protein p62/SQSTM1 is a contributor to DPK oncolytic activity in melanoma.” Gene Therap. 2014; 21: 371-378.

2. Bollino D, Balan I, Aurelian LA. “Valproic acid induces neuronal cell death through a novel calpain-dependent necroptosis pathway.” J Neurochem. 2015; 133 (2):174-86.

3. June HL, Liu J, Warnock KT, Bell KA, Balan I, Bollino D, Puche A, Aurelian L. “CRF-Amplified Neuronal TLR4/MCP-1 Signaling Regulates Alcohol Self-Administration.” 2015; 40(6):1549-59.

4. Bollino D, Colunga A, Li B, Aurelian, LA. “ΔPK oncolytic activity includes modulation of the tumour cell milieu.” J Gen Virol. 2016; 97(2):496-508.

5. Aurelian L, Bollino D, Colunga A. “The oncolytic virus ∆PK has multi-modal anti-tumor activity” Pathogens and Disease. 2016; 74(5). pii: ftw050. doi: 10.1093/femspd/ftw050.

6. Webb TJ, Carey GB, East JE, Sun W, Bollino DR, Kimball AS, Brutkiewicz RR. “Alterations in cellular metabolism modulate CD1d-mediated NKT cell responses”. Pathogens and Disease. 2016; 74 (6): ftw055. doi: 10.1093/femspd/ftw055.

7. Shissler SC, Bollino DR, Tiper IV, Bates JP, Derakhshandeh R, Webb TJ. “Immunotherapeutic strategies targeting natural killer T cell responses in cancer.” 2016; 68 (8), 623-638.

8. Bollino D, Webb TJ. Chimeric antigen receptor-engineered natural killer and natural killer T cells for cancer immunotherapy. Trans Res. 2017; 187:32-43.


Research Interests

Targeting glutamine metabolism in hematological and solid neoplasms