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Anatomy and Neurobiology - Secondary Faculty

  • Ames, Heather M., MD, PhD, Assistant Professor
    (410) 328-5555
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    Keywords: Glioblastoma; brain tumor neuroinvasion; neurodevelopment; microRNA; cell-cell interactions; brain tumor heterogeneity
  • Bernstein, Steven L., MD, PhD, Professor
    (410) 706-3712
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    Keywords: Optic nerve, stroke stem cells
  • Conroy, Vincent M., PT, DScPT, Assistant Professor
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    Keywords: Efficacy of orthopedic physical therapy evaluation and interventions on patient outcomes with focus on supporting anatomical rationale; Functional Electrical Stimulation; and Student-provided service to under-served populations.
  • Crino, Peter B., MD, PhD, Professor
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    Keywords: Epilepsy, Autism, Intellectual Disability, Brain Development, Translational Neuroscience, mTOR, focal cortical dysplasia, tuberous sclerosis complex
  • Faden, Alan I., MD, Professor
    (410) 706-4205
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    Keywords: Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Neuroinflammation, Central Nervous System Injury, Neuroprotection, Cell Death and Recovery, Spinal Cord Injury, Neuroimmunology.
  • Fishman, Paul S., MD, PhD, Professor
    (410) 605-7000, X6612
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    Keywords: Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, ALS, neurodegenerative disease, deep brain stimulation, DBS, focused ultrasound, FUS, blood-brain barrier, botulinum toxin, tetanus toxin, stem cells, magnetic targeting
  • Gould, Todd D., MD, Professor
    (410) 706-5585
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    Keywords: Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Antidepressant Pharmacology, Ketamine, Hydroxynorketamine, Lithium
  • Greenspan, Joel D., PhD, Professor
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  • Heinbockel, Thomas , PhD, Adjunct Assistant Professor
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  • Hertzano, Ronna , MD, PhD, Associate Professor
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    Keywords: Hearing Loss, Hearing Restoration, Cochlear Implants, Otosclerosis, Cholesteatoma, Genetic Hearing Loss Genomics, Regulation of Gene Expression, Gene Therapy, Transcription Factors in Inner Ear Development, Noise Induced Hearing loss
  • Hoffman, Kathleen A., PhD, Professor
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  • Jia, Xiaofeng , BM, PhD, Professor
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    Keywords: Brain monitoring and therapeutic hypothermia; brain recovery after cardiac arrest, peripheral nerve injury and regeneration; bone regeneration; and stem cell therapy
  • Kanold, Patrick O., PhD, Professor
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  • Lipinski, Marta M., PhD, Associate Professor
    (410) 706-5187
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    Keywords: Autophagy, Neurodegeneration, Traumatic Brain Injury, Spinal Cord Injury, Parkinson's Disease
  • Lovering, Richard M., PhD, PT, Associate Professor
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  • Masri, Radi , PhD, Assistant Professor
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  • Merchenthaler, Istvan J., MD, PhD, DSc, Professor
    (410) 706-1350
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    Keywords: Estrogen therapy, menopause, hot flushes, neuroprotection, neurodegeneration, PACAP38, infertility, animal models
  • Quinlan, Elizabeth M., PhD, Professor
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  • Rogers, Mark W., PhD, PT, Adjunct Professor
    (410) 706-0841
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    Keywords: neuromotor and biomechanical control of balance and locomotion
  • Royal, Walter , MD, Adjunct Professor
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  • Russell, James W., MB,ChB, MS, Professor
    (410) 328-3100
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    Keywords: Neuropathy, mitochondrial, diabetes, autonomic`
  • Stoica, Bogdan A., MD, Associate Professor
    (410) 706-5186
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  • Traub, Richard J., PhD, Professor
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  • Woodworth, Graeme F., MD, Professor
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    Keywords: Brain tumors, Pituitary tumors, Vestibular Schwannoma/Acoustic Neuroma, Spinal tumors, Chiari malformation, Adult hydrocephalus, MRI-guided Focused Ultrasound, Awake brain surgery, Laser Interstitial Thermal Therapy
  • Wu, Junfang , BM, PhD, Professor
    (410) 706-5189
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    Keywords: Spinal cord injury, brain injury, inflammation, autophagy-lysosomal, neuropathic pain, Hv1/NOX2, cell cycle pathway, microRNA, motor function, cognition, depression, neurons, astrocytes, microglia