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Biostatistics, Informatics & Translational Resource Core (RC1)

The goal of the RC1 is to provide outstanding biostatistical support to University of Maryland Older Americans Independence Center (UM-OAIC) investigators, foster the design of motor learning-based exercise rehabilitation interventions that promote the restoration and maintenance of function, prevent the functional decline that puts older adults with chronic disease at risk for disability, and facilitates the translation of interventions from the laboratory to the clinic and the community. Research Working Groups (RWGs) provide a forum in which investigators from multiple disciplines collaborate on the design and conduct of research studies, and our informatics system provide an infrastructure that enhances our ability to manage studies, and facilitate the flow of information and data within the UM-OAIC.

To achieve this goal, we have implemented the following specific aims:

Provide a cetralized, user-friendly information management system (GERI) that:

  • Facilitates submission of requests for core services, schedules adn tracks use of core resources
  • Facilitates recruiting of subjects
  • Monitors study progress by tracking recruiting efforts and subject progress through studies
  • Informs investigators and OAIC leadership of adverse events
  • Facilitates data management
  • Ensures confidentiality, physical security, and logical integrity of data
  • Promotes data completeness, accuracy and validity
  • Improves laboratory quality control, and automates the review of study data

Provide biostatistical expertise to UM-OAIC investigators by:

  • Planning studies that are optimally designed, adequately powered, statistically efficient adn that lead to valid, unbiased estimates of parameters
  • Randomizing subjects
  • Analyzing data
  • Helping investigators with interpretation and presentation of results
  • Helping investigators and clinicians get access to, and provide analytic support for "big data" science

Participate in Research Working Groups (RWGs) that will assist UM-OAIC investigators:

  • Design and conduct studies, analyze and interpret data, and publish study results
  • Optimize treatment fidelity and translate studies from the laboratory to the clinic and community

Provide training to UM-OAIC faculty, trainees, and staff in biostatistics and epidemiology.


Core Leader

John D. Sorkin, MD, PhD
Telephone: 410-605-7119

Core Co-Leaders

Michael Terrin, MD, CM, MPH
Telephone: 410-706-6139

Larry Magder, PhD
Telephone: 410-706-3253


Barbara Resnick, PhD, RN, CRNP, FAAN, FAANP
Telephone: 410-706-5178

Eliot Siegel, MD
Telephone: 410-605-7176