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Division of Palliative Medicine

Palliative Medicine is the medical sub-specialty which focuses on caring for patients coping with comorbidities and complex burden of symptoms.

Palliative Medicine specialists work within skilled, interdisciplinary teams to reduce the burden of serious illness by supporting the best quality of life throughout the course of a disease, and by managing factors that contribute to the suffering of the patient and the patient’s family.

The mission of the newly created Division of Palliative Medicine is to effectively implement and sustain an evidence-based holistic system of caring that is patient and family centered.

Our Division of Palliative Medicine intends to integrate the palliative approach into the fabric of disease-modifying treatments patients receive daily. Our palliative care interdisciplinary team offers expert symptom management and ensures that patient’s goals and care preferences are not only informed but also honored. The Plan of Care is built upon a foundation of shared decision-making between a knowledgeable, well-coordinated, proactive healthcare team and an informed patient or based on the patient’s goals for care as expressed through Durable Power of Attorney.

The University of Maryland’s long-standing history of diversity and inclusion offers an exceptional framework for building a united community of patients, clinician educators as well as researchers who develop and test innovative process improvements in care delivery, empower patients and staff, and train the next generation of healthcare leaders.

We are committed to serve through active listening and to learn from our patients and from each other. Our team collaborates with local, national and international programs in ongoing contributions to the development and growth of the field of Hospice and Palliative Medicine.

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Division Head

Raya E. Kheirbek, MD
Raya Elfadel Kheirbek, MD, MPH, FACP
Chief, Division of Palliative Medicine

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