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Information for Hearing Aid Patients

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Our audiologists provide comprehensive hearing aid services, including:

  • Selection of hearing aids that will best meet individual needs with respect to hearing loss, daily listening situations and lifestyle
  • Adjustment of hearing aids and verification of appropriate amplification using advanced technology to ensure the best possible sound, especially for the frequencies (or pitches) important for understanding speech
  • Orientation to hearing aid care and use
  • Counseling and information to ensure successful hearing aid use
  • Follow-up visits during the warranty period at no additional charge

Patients are seen for a minimum of three routine visits after the fitting to verify hearing aid benefit and confirm proper hearing aid function. Family and friends are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the hearing aid fitting process.

The Hearing and Balance Center is a participating provider for many insurance plans that pay for hearing aids. We are available to verify any benefits your insurance plan may have for hearing aids. The audiologists are salaried and do not receive commissions or bonuses for hearing aids.