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Dean's Award for Excellence in Research

Each year graduating medical students at the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UM SOM) are invited to submit their credentials to be considered for the "Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research." The award recognizes the student’s additional hard work and accomplishments in research while they were also engaged in the rigorous medical curriculum.

Traditionally, the award consists of a plaque and a cash award which are presented at the “Awards Ceremony & Banquet”. Two awards are given – one for biomedical research, which recognizes excellence in contributing to understanding and improving fundamental mechanisms and processes in biomedicine and biotechnologies and the other, which recognizes excellence in clinical and applied (translational) research.

Supported by: The University of Maryland School of Medicine/Office of Student Research

Contact us right away if you are interested in applying this award and/or if you have any questions. We recommend that you begin to collect information on your research productivity immediately. Check with your previous mentors to see if your contributions to research might have been published or presented in conferences. Sometimes, in these cases, previous awardees have been happy to learn that they had been included in authorships on posters and research articles for their contributions.

Award Details

The "Dean’s Award for Excellence in Research” acknowledges and celebrates the critical role that research plays in expanding and enhancing medical students’ training and advancing medical science. Because of our students’ growing research accomplishments, UM SOM is now proud to present two awards for research excellence:

 1. Dean’s Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research

 - Recognizes excellence in contributing to understanding and improving fundamental mechanisms and processes in biomedicine and biotechnologies

 2. Dean’s Award for Excellence in Clinical and Translational Research

 - Recognizes excellence in clinical and applied (translational) research.

Award Requirements

To be eligible for consideration for either award, the following criteria must be met:

  • All research submitted for consideration must have been undertaken only while the graduating candidate was enrolled in medical school here at UM SOM.
  • Applicants may be students who have executed either long- or short-term projects over the course of their medical school training and who have been productive in their research endeavors at UM SOM.
  • The award is based on research productivity (see next page) and not necessarily on research duration. Not all previous applicants or awardees took a leave of absence for research, e.g., independent mentored research, Howard Hughes Fellows, NIH Clinical Research Fellows, etc.
  • Importantly, whereas students who have enrolled in a Master’s degree program while pursuing their MD degrees are eligible to apply, MD-PhD program students are not eligible to apply.

Previous award winners came from broad research backgrounds and executed their projects under various plans (summers, longitudinal studies, fellowships and leaves of absence for basic, clinical and translational research, etc.). Therefore, we strongly encourage all graduating medical students who have conducted research during their medical school training and who meet the above criteria to apply.

Required Documents

  1. A cover letter from the student indicating which award they are applying for and why.
  2. A high-quality, nominating letter from the student's main research mentor. The language should also speak to why the student should be considered for the award.
  3. Current Curriculum Vitae including, for example:
    1. Education, Honors & Awards, Publications, Presentations, Research Experience(s), Scientific meetings attended to present work as first or co-author, etc. Although it is not required, we strongly encourage you to use the OSR CV template which is based on the NIH Biosketch format. Carefully investigate, document and include all of your research-related scholarly contributions and products from your medical school projects. These also include: awards, fellowships, published or accepted manuscripts, poster and conference presentations etc.
    2. A copy, or PDF (preferred), of each authored and co-authored abstract and manuscript must be included in your submission. Originals are not necessary. Only articles that have been published, accepted, or are in press will be considered whereas, those in preparation or submitted will not. Be sure to only submit research products from work done at UM SOM.
  4. Participation in Summer or longer competitive research programs is highly considered (g., American Pediatric Society, PRISM, SPORT, AATS, MSKCC, HSS, RadOnc etc.). These may also include, but are not necessarily limited to, year-off research programs such as Howard Hughes, Doris Duke, NIH or similar programs.
  5. A student may apply for either or both awards. Separate cover letters and mentor nominating letters are required for each application. (Refer to requirements #1 and #2 above.)


Past Awardees

Previous awardees came from broad research backgrounds and executed their projects under various plans.

Dean's Award for Excellence Awardees

Contact Information

Eileen Eldridge
Administrative Assistant
(410) 706-1348

Office of Student Research
University of Maryland School of Medicine
655 West Baltimore Street
Bressler Research Building (BRB M-019)
Baltimore, Maryland 21201