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Academic Committees

Curriculum Coordinating Committee (CCC)

This faculty-student committee coordinates curriculum for all four years of medical school.

Year 1/2 Committee and Clinical Years Committee

These committees coordinate curriculum for their respective years of medical school. They are composed of course coordinators and student representatives. As with the CCC, the Associate Deans for Student Affairs and Medical Education and the Director for Academic Development attend these committee meetings but have no vote.

Medical Education Advisory Committee (MEAC)

The MEAC is chaired by the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs and is comprised of the chair of the Curriculum Coordinating Committee (CCC), the director of the school's professionalism program, associate deans for student affairs, medical education, admissions, veteran affairs, and faculty affairs and professional development, and assistant deans for student research, programs and planning, student affairs, and admissions, as well as the academic development coordinator. Depending on topics under discussion, other relevant participants (e.g., public affairs, library, development) may be invited. The MEAC maintains a comprehensive knowledge of the entire medical student environment and experience. The MEAC receives weekly input regarding concerns across areas of the institutional setting, including faculty and resident teaching, medical student life (e.g., social events, individual student needs, student research, academic counseling), and educational resources at both school and university wide levels. The MEAC advises the Dean on all aspects of the educational mission and student life, including student recognitions for special awards and scholarships, and also advises the Advancement Committee, the CCC, and sub-committees of the CCC regarding policies and procedures.

Advancement Committee (AC)

The AC is composed of all preclinical and clinical course directors as well as associate and assistant deans for medical education and student affairs (i.e., the same composition as the CCC but without student representatives). The chair of the AC is a faculty member appointed by the Dean. The chair of the AC may not simultaneously serve as chair of the CCC.  The AC reviews individual medical student progress relative to academic achievement and professional standards of behavior. As indicated, the AC may recommend actions ranging from counseling (informal or formal) through dismissal from school.  Students who may have violated the code of conduct may be referred to the Judicial Board. The AC may also make more general recommendations to the dean or to the CCC relative to academic policies and procedures. The AC annually makes recommendations to the School of Medicine Executive Committee regarding academic honors awarded at graduation.

Appeals Committees

These are ad hoc committees appointed by and advisory to the Dean. Their members consider grade appeals and requests for reinstatement made by students who have been dismissed from school (see Academic Criteria for Dismissal) or who are appealing a failing grade in a course.


Last Revision: January 29, 2013