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Starting & Managing Student Organizations


  1. The Student Council along with the Office of Student Affairs shall have the power to allocate student organization funds. The Student Council shall allocate operational funds for their council, for class governments, for student groups, and for other events and activities the Council deems appropriate.
  2. The Student Council Treasurer shall meet with the Student Council and other administrators to determine the allocation of the student organization fund for the semester. The Student Council Treasurer shall submit the complete budget electronically, along with any surplus from the previous academic year, to the Office of Student Affairs.
  3. The Student Council shall hold a Student Organization Leadership meeting explaining funding, alcohol policy, faculty advisor policy, fundraising advice, etc. Faculty Advisors should be invited to attend the meeting, so they are also aware of our policies.
  4. Student organizations may contest their budget allocation in writing and present to the student council for a decision.
  5. Any student organization leader can review the budget, upon request.


  1. Student Group Leaders must complete a request for funding form at the beginning of the semester, which should include invoices for anticipated purchases.
  2. Student Group Leaders are encouraged to have the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) make purchases for you.
  3. Student Group Leaders should complete a student accounting form if out of pocket expenses (up to the group's balance amount) are paid. No payments above the group's balance amount will be reimbursed.
  4. Student Group Leaders shall detail their activities for the entire year.
  5. Student Group Leaders are encouraged to fundraise for their funding to avoid out-of-pocket expenses by group members.
  6. You must obtain approval to apply for funding from grants or contracted funds.
  7. Student organization funds may not be used as donations to other organizations or individuals.
    • Funds raised by a group may be donated to an outside organization only with the approval of the Office of Student Affairs and/or Office of Medical Education Deans prior to the collection of the funds.
  8. Student organization funds may not be used for recreational or dangerous activities (skiing, hiking, rock climbing, surfing etc.). Using funds for transportation to and from recreational or dangerous activities in not allowed.
    • If a group has fundraised for an activity, they can use those funds to go towards the purchase of alcoholic beverages. [Alcohol Permit 2018]
  9. Student organization funds (non-fundraised) may not be used to purchase alcoholic beverages. The funding is intended to help defray expenses of the group.
  10. Strict accounting of any funds received and/or used is required. Student groups may not open their own bank accounts under any circumstances.
  11. If class council funds are not used by the end of their graduation year, unless requested, the funds will return to the general student council account.
  12. Defunct student organization's funds will automatically be returned to the general student council account.


  1. Student Group Leaders must add all student officers, active members, and student organization events to MedScope.
  2. Student Group Leaders must list external affiliations on MedScope.
  3. Student Group Leaders are responsible for electing new group leaders prior to the end of the year and transitioning information (email lists, PowerPoints, budget information, Calendars etc.).
  4. First-year students may not serve in a leadership role for any student organization.
  5. All Student Groups should hold at least two meetings and have at least one fund raising activity per year.
  6. An annual report (list of events and names of new elected officers) must be posted on MedScope. The list of events and budget should be reviewed by the faculty advisor.
  7. Failure to comply with student organization rules or supply information requested will result in the withholding of future funding for the group and the inability of the officers to be recognized for their work with the group by the school.


  1. Organizations seeking recognition as a University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) student group must provide OSA with a description of the mission of the new group, the name of the proposed faculty advisor and a petition signed by 20% of the student body. [New Student Group Request] [Faculty Advisor Agreement] [Petition Signature Page]
  2. The Student Council Secretary must verify petition signatures.
  3. The Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Medical Education Deans must give final approval on the new group’s formation and reserves the right to limit the number of new groups formed.
  4. New groups must follow all of the student organization procedures.
  5. New groups will remain on probation for one year. If rules are broken, the group will be disbanded at that time and shall receive no further funding or recognition.
  6. Only groups that have been approved will be listed on MedScope. Any groups that lose approval will be removed from MedScope.


  1. Student group leaders must contact the Office of Student Affairs and gain approval prior to having their group members participate in any activity where they are: giving out health related information or advice, conducting any type of health related tests (i.e., glaucoma screenings, blood pressure readings, etc.) or conducting any research or study.
  2. Student group leaders must contact the Office of Student Affairs and gain approval if their group members will be entering patient rooms for any reason.
  3. Student group leaders must have a faculty member present at the above mentioned activities once approved. Also, the faculty member must be credentialed to perform the activity being supervised.
  4. Student groups should not promote or advertise any product, company or entity without the OSA/OME Dean's approval.


  1. To reserve rooms, email Outdoor areas may be reserved 2 weeks in advance and may require a fee. To reserve outdoor areas contact the Pine Street Police Station (410-706-6882). University police reserve the right to reject any request.
  2. To request AV service or multimedia equipment, email Curriculum Support Services at
  3. UMSOM follows and obeys the University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) Policy on the Use of Alcoholic Beverages at the University System Institutions and Facilities.
  4. Tables may be requested from UMB facilities. Once at their website, click on "Submit Work Request".
  5. The University Student Government Association can be reached at 410-706-7117.
  6. Student group leaders are responsible for editing and maintaining all information on MedScope. MedScope will only provide technical assistance. Email for help.
  7. All student groups and student events should be inclusive of everyone. Discrimination will not be tolerated.