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The Yearbook (Terra Mariae Medicus)

The yearbook is a collection of moments and memories from the four years of medical school put together by the members of each 4th year class. Pictures are the most important part of the yearbook. Just about anything is worth capturing on film; parties, the night before an exam, life in the labs and on the wards, special events, special people, friends and vacations, just to name a few. You can never have too many pictures! The yearbook is a great way to put things into perspective. Times may sometimes look bleak while you're living them, but in looking back you may realize that things weren't quite as bad as they seemed, and that there was always something or someone to help pull you through. For more information about the yearbook, contact the yearbook editor of the current 4th year class. The sooner plans and work on your yearbook are started, the easier, better and more complete it will be. The Office of Student Affairs will assist each class with the preparation of their yearbook.

The White Coat

The White Coat is a newsletter for medical students from the Office of Student Affairs. To access the newsletter, click here.

Last Revision: November 21, 2016