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Probation Policy

Upon written notice from the Dean on recommendation of the Advancement Committee, a student may be placed on academic and/or disciplinary probation. In the written notice of probation status, the student will be advised of the reason the student is being placed on probation, the conditions that must be satisfied in order for the student to be removed from probation, and the student's right to appeal the decision. Probationary status will be reviewed each semester and discontinued at the discretion of the Advancement Committee and/or the Dean of the School of Medicine.  

Specific conditions that may warrant probation include, but are not limited to:  

  1. Failing to meet any of the Essential Requirements for Admission, Advancement, and Graduation  
  2. Receiving a failing grade in a course  
  3. Receiving an unresolved conditional or incomplete grade in a course. 
  4. Unprofessional behavior  

While on probation:

  1. Students may not serve in elected or leadership positions within student government or student groups.
  2. Students may not participate in pre-clinical electives.
  3. Students must engage in all clinical rotations at University Hospital, BVAMC or Mercy Medical Center on services with faculty able to provide appropriate supervision. Placement determinations will be made by the clerkship director or coursemaster in conjunction with the Office of Student Affairs.
  4. Students may be excluded from other activities at the discretion of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs in conjunction with the Associate Dean for Medical Education.

The notice of probation will include direction to the student of remedial requirements necessary to terminate probationary status, which may include, but are not limited to one or more of the following:

  1. Suspension of regular course work until existing deficiencies in courses are satisfied.
  2. Evaluation or treatment by a counseling or medical professional approved by the Advancement Committee, with consent provided by the student for periodic reporting by the professional to the Advancement Committee through the Associate Dean for Student Affairs.
  3. Other actions consistent with medical school and university policies that are recommended by the Advancement Committee to the Dean, and approved by the Dean.

A student on probation may appeal to the Dean for reconsideration. A written, signed appeal must be submitted within 14 days of official notification of probation. The Dean may reject the appeal or accept it and appoint an Appeals Committee to advise him/her. A student may not appeal their probation if the probation is a condition of their return to medical school, such as in reinstatement. Students will remain on probation pending the outcome of the Appeals Committee should one be appointed. A copy of the notice of probation will be placed in the student's file. Documented problems leading to probation, probation status, and remedial requirements will be reflected in the MSPE. A student who has not successfully met all conditions for probation may not graduate.

Policy effective 5/4/2016