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Policy Statement

All students must comply and remain in compliance with UMB’s immunization requirements. In addition, students must receive influenza vaccinations annually prior to December 1. Non-compliant students will be removed from all clinical work and will have a hold placed on their registration.


Flu Vaccination Documentation (via CastleBranch)

  • New Students: You must upload your flu documentation by Dec 1. If you have uploaded a flu declination form and subsequently need to upload your updated flu documentation, contact CastleBranch to request they open another flu slot for you.
  • Continuing Students: You will receive notifications from CastleBranch regarding the influenza vaccine. Documentation can be uploaded only within 21 days prior to the deadline date viewable in CastleBranch.

For any issues, contact Student Health at 667-214-1883 or CastleBranch at 888-914-7279.


Approved: CCC February 18, 2020