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Duty Hours

LCME Standards

8.8 Monitoring Student Time

Scope and Purpose

The medical education curriculum is configured to provide students with educational opportunities as well as reasonable opportunities for rest and personal well-being.

Policy Statement

Medical students, including visiting students, adhere to the duty hour regulations as specified by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) for PGY2 residents and above.

Clinical work, inclusive of on-call requirements and in-house educational activities, is limited to 80 hours per week averaged over a four-week period.

Students must have a minimum of 8 hours off between scheduled duty periods and a minimum of 14 hours off following a 24-hour period of duty.

Students must be scheduled for a minimum of one day in seven free from duty when averaged over four weeks. The end of a rotation is defined as the conclusion of the final Friday. Student work cannot exceed 24 continuous duty hours, with up to 4 hours to complete effective transitions in patient care. Additional patient care responsibilities must not be assigned to a student during this transition time.

Student observance of religious holidays must be considered when clinical schedules are created.

Related Policies/Procedures

UMB Policy Concerning the Scheduling of Academic Assignments on Dates of Religious Observance


Approved: CCC February 18, 2020