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Criminal Background Check & Drug Screening

Off-campus clinical training sites may require that School of Medicine students placed at their sites for clinical rotations undergo and pass a background check. Additionally, the Baltimore Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center (BVAMC) requires all trainees to comply with the BVAMC program of random drug testing. Other sites may also require pre-placement or post-placement drug screening. The School does not require students to undergo drug screens for admission, and while all students are required to undergo a criminal background check (CBC) through the Baltimore Veteran’s Affairs Medical Center (BVAMC) at the start of their third year, these criminal background checks through BVAMC may not satisfy the standards set by individual clinical training sites. Any student who does not pass the BVAMC CBC and/or random drug testing in accordance with BVAMC standards, will also not be authorized to participate in clinical training at other hospitals. If a clinical site requires a drug screen or criminal background check as a condition of placement, students are expected to confirm with the site the type of check or screen that is required, complete the necessary checks or screens, and provide the results to the site. Students may be asked by the site to pay the cost of the background check and drug screen. Students may also have to complete more than one criminal background check and drug screen during the course of their program, depending on the number of sites in which they are placed and the requirements of each site.

If a clinical training site has indicated that a criminal background check is required, follow the steps below. This information was obtained from Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services.

Individual State Background Check (For example; Visas, Gold Seal letters, and Individual Reviews): 

If you live within Maryland

  • You may go to any authorized location that provides fingerprinting services
  • You may go to your local law enforcement agency to be fingerprinted on the state fingerprint card known as Form 015.
  • Once you've been fingerprinted, you may overnight it to CJIS-Central Repository located at 6776 Reisterstown Road, Suite 102, Baltimore Maryland 21215, or mail it to CJIS-CR P.O. Box 32708, Pikesville, Maryland, 21282-2708. (see Associated Fees). 
  • If you are requesting a copy of your FBI criminal history record you must send your request directly to the FBI

If you live outside of Maryland

  • You may write CJIS-Central Repository P.O. Box 32708, Pikesville, Maryland 21282-2708, or call the Central Repository in Baltimore City at 410-764-4501 or toll free number 1-888-795-0011 to request a fingerprint card. 
  • You may mail the fingerprint card and associated fee to CJIS-Central Repository P.O. Box 32708 Pikesville Maryland 21282-2708, or overnight the fingerprint card to 6776 Reisterstown Road, Suite 102, Baltimore Maryland 21215.
  • Please include a check or money order made out to "CJIS Central Repository". See the schedule of Associated Fees
  • You may expect a response in 10 - 15 business days.

In addition, Campus Student Health may be able to provide a drug screen that satisfies the requirements set by a particular clinical training site. In any case, it is the student’s responsibility to confirm with the site what is required and to engage the appropriate services to complete the criminal background checks and drug screens necessary for placement at the clinical site. There is no guarantee that a clinical training site will accept a background check completed through the VA or a drug screen completed by Campus Student Health.