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Advancement, Graduation & Dismissal

LCME Standards

9.9 Student Advancement and Appeal Process

10.3 Policies Regarding Student Selection/Progress and Their Dissemination

Scope and Purpose

This policy applies to all students enrolled in the M.D. program of the University of Maryland School of Medicine. Dual-degree students may have other conditions and requirements; please refer to the Dual-Degree Policy as well as the policies for each program.

Policy Statement


  1. Students must meet the following requirements for advancement.
  2. Students must meet all UMB requirements for eligibility to register.

Pre-Clerkship Advancement

  1. A student cannot advance to year two with an un-remediated failure, incomplete, or withdrawal in a required course in year one.
  2. A student cannot advance and must repeat the entire academic year in any of the following circumstances:
    1. Failing the Foundations course
    2. Failure of more than one required course in a pre-clerkship year
  3. Students must pass all required pre-clerkship courses for advancement to Year Three/Clerkship Phase.

Pre-Clerkship Remediation

  1. All remediation will be coordinated through the Office of Medical Education
  2. The maximum grade allowed through remediation is F/Remediated Pass
  3. Students must pass the majority of assessments within a course to pass the course
  4. Courses that are failed and remediated by retaking the course in its entirety will result in an F in the original semester and the grade earned upon retake reported in the semester where the course was retaken
  5. A failing grade in a single required course must be remediated
  6. Failure of a course by falling below attendance requirements will result in a professionalism remediation determined by OME rather than a remediation assessment
    1. Structured preparatory work and assessment in conjunction with Office of Medical Education and the course director prior to the start of the next academic year.
    2. If a student is not successful in passing this remediation, they must repeat the course the following year
    3. Dates of the remediation assessment will be determined by the Office of Medical Education Retaking the course in the next academic year.
  7. Remediation for courses failed due to falling below the attendance threshold will be through a professionalism activity determined and assessed by OME and OSA
  1. If a student fails all assessments in a course or has a final numeric average of 60% or below, they receive a grade of F and must repeat the course in the next academic year.
  2. Other failures of a course may be remediated through either:

USMLE Step 1

  1. A student must take USMLE Step 1 to start clerkships
  2. If a student fails USMLE Step 1, the student may not advance to the next clerkship until Step 1 has been retaken.

If a student fails Step 1 a second time, the student cannot resume progress toward graduation until a passing Step 1 score has been verified. With any failure of Step 1, the student must meet with the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Medical Education. (For additional information regarding Step 1 failures, see section on Dismissal.)

Clerkship Advancement

  1. A student must repeat the entire year in the following cases:
    1. Two (2) failing grades within the requisite Year 3/Clerkship Phase curriculum.
    2. Two (2) failing grades within the requisite Year 4/Advanced Clinical Phase curriculum.
  2. A student with two (2) or more concurrent un-remediated failures of clerkship NBME examinations must interrupt clinical rotations until all failed exams have been successfully remediated. The student must meet with the Office of Student Affairs regarding the scheduling ramifications of this remediation and possible effects on residency planning.
  3. All required clerkships must be completed six months prior to the expected date of graduation.
  4. The Advancement Committee shall consider requiring repetition of part or all of an academic year in any of the following circumstances:
  5. Failure to adhere to technical and professionalism standards.
  6. Persistently poor academic performance where repetition is deemed in the best interest of the student.
  7. Other circumstances where repetition is deemed in the best interest of the student.

Six Year Rule

Students must meet all requirements for the degree of Doctor of Medicine within six years from their matriculation date, including leaves of absence but excluding time spent in pursuit of a UMSOM combined degree. The Advancement Committee in coordination with the Office of Student Affairs may recommend that the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) grant an exception to this limit. If a student requires more than three years to complete the Pre-Clerkship Phase of the curriculum or more than three years to complete the clinical portion of the curriculum, the Advancement Committee must review the student’s complete record and must tender a recommendation to the CAO as to whether the student will be allowed to continue in medical school.


Students must meet the following requirements for graduation.

  1. Requirements for all four years of the medical education program must be completed within the parameters of the M.D. curriculum.
  2. Students must complete all requirements for Year Three/Clerkship Phase of medical school at least six months prior to an anticipated graduation date in order to graduate at that time unless an exception has been granted by the Advancement Committee.
  3. Students must complete all academic requirements for Year Four/Advanced Clinical Phase at least one week before the date of graduation.
  4. Students must complete the following administrative requirements:
    1. meet with a student affairs dean about post-graduate plans and writing of the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)
    2. have an exit interview with the University Student Financial Assistance if applicable
    3. satisfy any outstanding UMB obligations
  5. Students must resolve all conditions of probation before graduation.
  6. Students must take both USMLE Step 2 CK and USMLE Step 2 CS before graduation.

Students graduating in December may participate in graduation exercises in May of the following year but are not eligible to be included in May of the previous year. Students graduating in July may be permitted to participate in graduation in May of the current year.


A student will be dismissed under any of the following circumstances:

      1. Two (2) failing grades in required pre-clerkship courses
      2. A failing grade upon repeating a required course or clerkship
      3. Three (3) failures of USMLE Step 1
      4. Violating the terms of probation
      5. Failing to meet the conditions to return from a Leave of Absence or Special Placement
      6. Stopping out

The Advancement Committee will consider dismissal of a student under any of the following circumstances:

      1. A failing grade in a subinternship or FRCT Scholarly Project
      2. Failing grades in any two rotations in the clinical years
      3. Failure to adhere to technical or professionalism standards

A student who is dismissed from school must immediately withdraw from all coursework. A student may appeal the dismissal to the Dean by submitting a written request within 14 days of the official notice of dismissal. The Dean may appoint an Appeals Committee for advice (see the Appeals Process). In rare circumstances, students may be permitted to resume coursework pending the Dean’s decision.

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Approved: Council, September 4, 2019
Approved: CCC, July 21, 2020 - revisions to Class of 2023 and Renaissance Curriculum

Revised, Approved: CCC, December 21, 2021