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Academic Withdrawal Policy


Withdrawing from a pre-clinical course may be done only under special circumstances with approval of the Office of Student Affairs and the course director. A course that is withdrawn before the first exam will not appear on the official transcript. Courses withdrawn after the first exam will have a notation of "W" on the transcript. Students will not be allowed to withdraw from a course solely for poor academic performance. Withdrawn courses will be discussed in the MSPE. Students must repeat withdrawn pre-clinical courses in their entirety.

In clinical courses, a student who withdraws from a course prior to completing at least two-thirds (2/3) of the required time must withdraw and subsequently repeat the course in its entirety. A notation of "W" will appear on the transcript along with the final letter grade in the semester in which the course is repeated. A student who withdraws from aa course after having completed more than two-thirds (2/3) of the required time will receive a notation of "Incomplete" on the transcript and will be required to finish the remaining coursework within one year of the original start date of the course. Exceptions to this rule may be made at the discretion of the course director in coordination with the Associate or an Assistant Dean of Student Affairs.


Due to the longitudinal nature of some courses (e.g., ICM and FRCT), special circumstances may apply. The Office of Student Affairs in coordination with the respective course director will determine which aspects of these courses require repetition of the course in its entirety versus permission to continue during the current academic year as a part-time student. This determination will be based on amount of coursework completed to date, academic and non-academic factors. Students who are dismissed during an academic year must immediately stop all course and clinical work.


Should a student desire or be compelled to withdraw from the School Medicine, she/he must: 1. Arrange an appointment to meet with the Associate Dean or one of the Assistant Deans of Student Affairs 2. Write a brief letter to the Dean of the School of Medicine explaining the reason for withdrawal request and sign the letter Once the withdrawal is approved by the Dean, the student must also complete the obligations listed on the withdrawal form: Withdrawal Process and Form

Last Revision: April 24, 2020