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Residency Application

In spring of your third year, all rising 4th years will be asked to meet with one of the academic deans to review the residency application process. It is recommended that you schedule this appointment for May, June or July. It is suggested that you make this appointment in a timely fashion if you prefer to meet with a particular dean as slots do fill. You will be asked to submit a draft curriculum vitae (CV) before scheduling this meeting. Detailed information about the residency application process may be found in the Residency Application Manual. Information about preparing a CV is reproduced here, as that may be needed for other applications during your medical school years.

If you have not decided on a specialty, the meeting may serve to facilitate the decision making process. We can explore with you some of the things that may be important to you in a specialty, and recommend resources (people, websites, reading) to help with the decision making process. We will also review your senior year plans, discuss the process of obtaining letters of recommendation, and explain the function of the Medical Student performance Evaluation (MSPE). The person you meet with will draft your MSPE, which you will have the opportunity to review before it is submitted. You will also receive instruction from OSA staff about the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS).

Please visit the Residency Application Manual for more information on the residency process. 

Last Revision: November 21, 2016