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Student & Employee Health


  • The primary Student Health Office is UMaryland Immediate Care (UMIC) located at 408 W. Lombard Street. Baltimore, Maryland 21201. * 
  • University of Maryland Family Medicine Associates, P.A., the continuity practice, is located around the corner at 29 South Paca Street and can provide care, if desired. ** 
  • Administrative offices are located in the lower level of the Paca Street office. 

Hours and Appointments:

  • UMaryland Immediate Care 
    1. Practice hours: Monday-Friday 7:00am-5:00pm. No Appointment Necessary (except physicals and gyn exams; schedule one day in advance) 
    2. 410-328-1DOC 
    3. Shot Times:  Monday-Friday 9-10am; Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday 12:00pm-1:00pm; Monday & Thursday 3:00pm-4:00pm. 
    4. TB skin testing: PPD placements and readings will be done during shot time hours only with no PPD placements on Thursday’s due to the 48-72 hour turn around needed for readings. 
  • Student Health Administrative Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.  
  • For general information, please   call 410-328-6791.     


The two offices in combination offer a full spectrum of primary care services including annual check-ups, acute & chronic illnesses, neurological testing, gynecological exams (including Pap smears & contraception prescriptions), prenatal care & delivery, pediatric care, minor surgery & vaccine administration.   


All UMB student visits to UMIC and or UMDFCM will not generate a charge after insurance has been billed for services rendered. However, students with outside health insurance must determine eligibility to have diagnostic test done. 


ALL STUDENTS MUST HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE.  A Care first Blue Cross/Blue Shield plan is available to all UMB students.  This plan provides excellent coverage, low rates & no deductible when using Blue Cross network providers.  Prescription coverage is also included.  Dental & Vision coverage is also available.  Please contact Student Accounts for further information at (410)706-2930.  

Student Waivers:

Students who have outside health insurance coverage & wish to waive the schools insurance plan must submit a waiver & proof of insurance with comparable benefits to the Finance Office at 29 South Paca Street, lower level.  The waiver will permit Student Accounts to remove the insurance charges from your bill.       


All students must comply with the University’s immunization requirements prior to starting classes.  Our Report of Medical History form can be downloaded at  Non-compliant students will receive a registration hold for the subsequent semester. If you are not registered, you are not eligible for financial aid. 

Further information can be obtained at:

*   This site is staffed by physicians who do not engage in education and evaluation of medical students.  There are no resident or student learners at this site.  

** This site is staffed by faculty from the School of Medicine and has residents and medical students present as learners.  If you identify yourself as a medical student and request continuity care at this site, you will be assigned to a provider who does not participate in medical student education and evaluation.  However, in an urgent situation, you may be seen by a different faculty member with educational responsibilities.  The campus health insurance does permit you to see providers off campus, if you prefer.  


Last Revision: June 26, 2013