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Academic Support Services

The Office of Medical Education's Academic Development Office offers a variety of support programs and services to facilitate students' successful progression through the medical curriculum. Supplemental instructional activities include: the Pre-matriculation Summer Program for incoming 1st year students; individual and group tutorials; study skills workshops; USMLE preparation; special needs accommodation; a library of review books sometimes available for circulation and individual educational assessment and counseling sessions. Academic Development monitors all exam and final grades in order to quickly reach out and provide assistance to students experiencing academic difficulty. It is to your advantage to be concerned with the first signs of difficulty with your schoolwork. With the fast pace of medical school, lack of definite assignment and lecture attendance requirements, and the relative infrequency of tests in some courses, it may not be obvious to you that you are, in fact, in trouble. When recent examination results are not available, you can generally tell that you're in academic trouble if you find yourself in any of the following situations:

  • You have neglected all your studies for 3 days or more, either by choice or because of illness or other distraction (e.g., family crisis).
  • You feel that you don't have a good grasp of the material and that you appear to be falling behind the pace of the course.
  • Your study approach is inconsistent and/or unproductive.

What to Do

You have several choices, some of which are described in more detail in this section of the handbook.

  • Discuss the situation with the faculty member directly involved with the course.

  • Discuss it with faculty members with whom you have a good relationship and decide on a strategy to cope with the problem.

  • Consider one or more of the services offered by the Office of Academic Development (e.g., tutoring) or, depending on the nature of the problem, consult the Campus Counseling Service.

  • Go to the Office of Student Affairs. Arrangements can be made for a schedule rearrangement, or other sources of counseling and assistance.