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Medical Alumni Association

The Medical Alumni Association (MAA) of the University of Maryland, Inc. was founded in 1875 and is the oldest independent Medical Alumni Association in the United States. Its primary functions are to provide programming and services to more than 7,000 alumni, students and faculty and to raise money for the School of Medicine. The association is self-supporting and all expenses, including alumni and student activities costs and publication of the quarterly Bulletin magazine, are supported by self-generated income. All alumni, friends, faculty and staff members of the School of Medicine and the University of Maryland Medical System are eligible for MAA membership.

Students are very active in MAA activities. The Student Advisory Council (SAC), comprised of four students from each class, assists the MAA's Board of Directors in planning all association-sponsored student activities for each of the four classes, including a Match-Day celebration and brunch for graduating seniors. The SAC undertakes an annual community service project and recruits students to assist in the alumni annual phonathon. The MAA also co-sponsors a wide range of student-based activities.

The MAA raises funds to support student loans, scholarships and lectureships. Fund raising efforts also maintain the association's Davidge Hall offices. Davidge Hall was constructed in 1812 and has the distinction of being the oldest building in the Western Hemisphere continuously in use for medical education. The building now houses a living museum, with a valuable collection of antique instruments, portraits and other memorabilia representative of the history of medicine at the University of Maryland. The alumni office is open weekdays and visitors are always welcome.


Last Revision: January 29,  2013