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M.D. Degree Certification

Graduates of the School of Medicine often need certification of their M.D. degree in order to apply for a license, to acquire hospital privileges, or for some other purpose.

The Office of Student Affairs will verify medical education for state boards only. 

State Board forms may be sent to:

Office of Student Affairs (OSA)
685 W. Baltimore Street, Rm. 150
Baltimore, MD 21201

If the forms are not state boards forms, the forms are returned directly to the requesting agency. To avoid delay in the processing of these forms and or approval, please allow us to complete the forms in their entirety. Submit any pertinent information on a separate sheet of paper. There is no charge for this service. 

For all other inquiries, please use the National Student Clearinghouse - Degree Verify. This is the largest online degree verification service in the U.S. When requesting degree certifications through the National Student Clearinghouse, you must use University of Maryland, Baltimore.  

  • If an employer is seeking to verify your degree they can now receive service 24/7 through this web-based system. The employer is charged a minimal fee for this service.

  • Some agencies will want a copy of your Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE, formerly Dean’s Letter). These will be identical to the one that was initially sent to your residency programs as a senior student with two modifications: The date of graduation is added, and courses for which grades were not available at the time of initial submission are added. These requests can be submitted to OSA by fax to 410-706-8311.

  • Official transcripts can be requested through the university registrar website. There is no charge for this service. The Office of the Registrar also has an online form to request a transcript.

  • If you are a new graduate, we recommend that you make a few copies of your diploma before you have it framed or laminated, as agencies often want us to verify a copy of the diploma. Should you ever need a new diploma, please contact the university registrar at 410-706-7480 or There will be a cost for issuing a duplicate diploma.

  • If alumni require degree verification for their own personal business, they should contact the university registrar by accessing their website or by calling (410) 706-7480. There is a 5 business day turnaround time associated with this request. There is no charge for this service.

We appreciate your cooperation with this process. Please do not hesitate to call the Office of Student Affairs if you have questions. We can be reached at (410) 706-7476.