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Starting & Managing Student Organizations

Student/ Organization Leadership responsibilities

1. Student Organization leadership must add all student officers, active members, and student organization events to MedScope; which serves as the group’s annual report. OSA highly encourages the review of events and budget by the faculty advisor.

2. Faculty Advisor Agreements are valid only for one academic year.

3. All Student Organizations must have a faculty advisor who is a UMSoM faculty member with a significant enough presence on campus to meet the requirements outlined in the Faculty Advisor Agreement. The deactivation process will start immediately for any student organization that does not have a Faculty Advisor Agreement on file by the end of September of the current academic year.

4. Student Organization Leaders must list external affiliations on MedScope.

5. Student Organization Leaders are responsible for electing new student officers in the spring. Information must be transitioned (email lists, PowerPoints, budget information, Calendars, MedScope ownership, etc.) before the end of the academic year in July.

6. First-year students may not serve in a leadership role for any Student Organization.

7. There should be no more than two Co-Presidents of any group.

8. Student Organizations may not have any functions/activities scheduled on or before the Activities Fair date, scheduled by the Student Council, which usually takes place in mid-September.

9. All Student Groups should hold at least two meetings and have at least one fundraising activity per year.

10. All student organizations should use ‘UMB’ not ‘UMD’. UMD should not appear in your student organization email or on your websites under any circumstances.

11. A Student Affairs Dean must approve any activities that take place before the first year's first exam.

12. Failure to comply with student organization rules or supply information requested will result in the withholding of future funding for the group and the inability of the officers to be recognized for their work with the group by the school.

New Student Group Formation

1. Organizations seeking recognition as a University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) Student Group or Student Organization must submit the New Student Group Request form that includes the name of the group, the group’s acronym, the group’s mission, the name of the proposed faculty advisor, and an upload of the New Student Group Signature Page signed by 20% of the current medical student body.

2. The Student Council Secretary must verify petition signatures.

3. The Office of Student Affairs and the Office of Medical Education Deans must give final approval of the new group’s formation and reserves the right to limit the number of new groups formed.

4. New groups must follow all the student organization policies and procedures.

5. New groups will remain on probation for one year. Breaking the rules will result in an immediate deactivation of the group, and the group shall receive no further funding or recognition.

6. Only student organizations with OSA’s approval will appear in MedScope.

7. New groups must review the How to Run a Successful Student Group.

Faculty Advisor Agreement

To be added to MedScope as a student organization’s faculty advisor, faculty advisor’s must complete the on-line Faculty Advisor Agreement. In the agreement, faculty advisors agree to:

1. Attend at least one student organization meeting.

2. Provide guidance in planning meetings and events.

3. Review the group’s budget (may take place in fall or spring, depending on when the group was formed).

4. Oversee the election of new student organization leaders, which includes overseeing the transfer of budget information and other materials depending on the organization.

5. Encourage accountability among group officers and members.

6. Report any infractions to the Office of Student Affairs and must understand his or her duties as an organization faculty advisor and agree to comply.

7. Be a UMSoM faculty member with a significant enough presence on campus to meet the minimum requirements outlined in the Faculty Advisor Agreement. If you are unsure if you meet the requirements to be a faculty advisor, please reach out to

Student Organization Policy and Procedures

1. UMSoM follows and obeys the University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB) Policy on the Use of Alcoholic Beverages at the University System Institutions and Facilities.

2. If alcohol is being served at an event, the Alcohol Permit SOM must be filled out and approved by an Office of Student Affairs Dean and the designated person from the School of Medicine’s Dean’s Office Administration. Complete the student organization’s portion of the form, then submit to the Office of Student Affairs, either in person to HSF-I Room 152 or by email to, for coordination of the additional approvals.

3. Student group leaders are responsible for editing and maintaining all information on MedScope. MedScope will only provide technical assistance. MedScope can be reached at

4. All student groups and student events should be inclusive of everyone. Discrimination will not be tolerated. Please see the campus policy on discrimination here:

5. All student organizations must have a faculty advisor who is a UMSoM faculty member with a significant enough presence on campus to meet the requirements outlined in the Faculty Advisor Agreement. Volunteer faculty may not serve as a primary advisor.

6. All student groups requesting funds, must fundraise.

7. All student groups must host or co-host two events within an academic year.

8. All student groups must have leadership listed in MedScope.

9. The deactivation of a group is at the discretion of the Office of Student Affairs.

10. To be a student organization leader or member, the student must not be on probation and must be in good standing.

Health Fairs and Other Patient Interaction Activities

1. Student Organization leaders must contact the Office of Student Affairs and gain approval prior to having their members participate in any activity where they are: giving out health-related information or advice, conducting any type of health-related tests (i.e., glaucoma screenings, blood pressure readings, etc.) or conducting any research or study.

2. Student Organization leaders must contact the Office of Student Affairs ( and gain approval if their group members will be entering patient rooms for any reason.

3. Student Organization leaders must have a faculty member present at the above-mentioned activities once approved. Also, the faculty member must be credentialed to perform the activity being supervised.

4. Student Organizations should not promote or advertise any product, company or entity without the Office of Student Affairs or the/Office of Medical Education Dean's approval.

Additional Resources

1. To reserve rooms, email Outdoor areas may be reserved 2 weeks in advance and may require a fee. To reserve outdoor areas, contact the Pine Street Police Station (410-706-6882). University police reserve the right to reject any request.

2. To reserve a room at the SMC Campus Center, visit their website at

3. To request AV service or multimedia equipment, email

4. Tables may be requested from UMB facilities. Once at their website, click on "Submit Work Request".

5. The University Student Government Association can be reached at 410-706-7117.

6. Food orders can be placed through Foodify. Please contact the Office of Student Affairs ( for login information and instructions. The Foodify website has the capability to filter for vendors local to UMB. The Community Engagement Center also publishes a similar list of businesses local to UMB who fall under at least one of three groups (minority owned, woman owned, or immigrant owned). The Local Food Options list can be found at

7. Class of 2021 Class Council Information Session